49 1147 Omer Counting

“Judah, your brothers shall praise you;
    your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies;
    your father’s sons shall bow down before you.
    [ The 12/24 Tribes/Nations ]
Judah is a lion’s cub;
    from the prey, my son, you have gone up.
    He stooped down;
    he crouched as a lion, and as a lioness
       who dares rouse him?
The scepter shall not depart from Judah,
    nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet,
    until tribute comes to him;
    and to him shall be the obedience of the nations.
Binding his foal to the vine
    and his donkey’s colt to the choice vine,
    he has washed his garments in wine
    and his vesture in the blood of grapes.
His eyes are darker than wine,
    and his teeth whiter than milk.”


147 | 153
37 | 38.681
37 | 38.681
37 | 38.681
36 | 36.954

Judah to GCCR [ 383+3 386 Yeshua ישוע ]:

Seconds: 111+82+26+8+[1,600] = 1827

1+1+1+8+2+2+6+8+1+6+0+0 = 36

3×6×9 Rocha + 54 Heavens Gen1:1A

SuperMind, Creative Ordering Life-Light, OmniScience does everything intentionally, intelligently.

E.g. Judah was born 7+2 [ 2+7 ] years apart from a Shmitah to form a perfect 1369 Pyramid.

GCCR 820 370 10 1
YHSWH 537 555 15 6
DAVID 408 444 12 3
JUDAH 315 333 9 9

8+2+5+4+8+3+1+5 = 36 3×6×3×7 378

He was born in the hebrew year 2,196. 2 × 196 Felsen standard value. The base of a Pyramid level. Judah was on the feet of the Pyramid level before the Point of Light △ in the □ ○.

196 196

196 × 3 = 588

5 14 104 3848 in 88 Virgo Stars. 8×8 64 2368

ADAM 26+19 in EVE 19

5×8×8 is 320

David-Solomon 5M Population ×320 1.6B △ [20]/80 [ 704T ]

21×96 = 2016


Population Division estimates the world population reached 8 billion on November 15, 2022.

26 Cheshvan 5783 = 20 November 2022 [ 20% Isaachians ]

2+1+1+2+2+2 = 10 37 | 118 | 112 △ 222 Gen2:22

20+11+20+22 = 73 • Gen1:1 37×73 • 37+37+73 147

20+11+2022 = 2053 207 505 SRH + GLSN 383 = 888

20% of the Population ≡ Isaachians = 1.6B


In order for “My Son”, father Judah’s bipolar kingdom 196+196 to be assembled as the Kingdom of Heaven Pyramid, we needed to add the Creative Ordering Life-Light.

Light אור S 207 O 27 R 9 Squared 40037 444

Gelson 252 72 27 | The 207 Light + 45 ADM Pyramid.

Judah’s Birth Year 2,196 + [ 2+7 ] = 2,205 Shmitah 315 [ 153 513 … ]

That’s adding the 165 Nekudah Creative Ordering Point of Light △ to the 32 [ 320 ] Mystical Paths of Wisdom Circle to create a Kosmos from the chaotic waters, Cosmic Soup.

165 Nekudah = Gelson’s Birth SunSpot

2,205 = 2+205 = 207 Light

2,205 = 252 Gelson 72 27 [ Fine-Structure Constant ]

2205 = 2025 before 1.1.5787 Nov 6 2026

Counting the 49 Omer


Isaiah 49:1-5 49×1×2×3×4×5 5880

4×9×1×2×3×4 = 864 JeruSalem

4×9×1×2×3×4×5 = 4,320 □

4×9×1×2×3×4×5×6 = 25920 25+9+20 54 Heavens

     2×5×9×2 = 180 FSC for 383 GLSN

     259 = 7×37 + 20×37 999 27

     252 Gelson 90 King

49+1+2+3+4+5 = 64 2368 Area | 2220 with 148

“… to bring Jacob back to Him;
and that Israel might be gathered to Him—…”

The regathering and reassembling of Isaachians as a Kingdom, as the Mountain of YHWH Pyramid, according to the Will of Heaven, On Earth as it is in Heaven, YHWH Centered.

Adding the gematria values for Isaiah 49 Verses 1-[5] = 22508

Here we have Judah’s year with the 2+7 [ 7+2 ] Light, 2205.

The 8 ≡ to the 378 37×8 296 Rock.

2250 + 8×37 = 2[54]6 ≡ 26 YHWH and 54 Heavens Gen1:1A

2×54×6 = 648 Rocha 162×4 △ □ EKIKPK [ KWML ]

162 162 162


   □  □
   □  □

    64+8 72 LIGHT

    64×37 2368 + 8×37 296 = 2664 666×4 Gen1:1 △

    162 = 72 × 4 288 2368

    162 = 63 × 4 252 Gelson; The Light


GELSON DAVID, Chosen One’s mission, purpose, “Higher Calling,” to bring Isaachians back to the 3848 Center, with YHWH as the Center of The Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Isaiah [49]:1-[5] Hebrew Standard = 22508

    252 Gelson 37×8 Rock

    2+2+8 = 12 + N50 = 62 of 162 Rocha • 62 Λογος Ord.

    62 = Psalm 117 Number of Letters | Center Chapter

    2×2×8 = 32 Mystical Paths of Wisdom

    2×82 = 164 16×4 64 2368

    2×2×50×8 = 1600 Isaachians 1.6B

776 776

7776 7776

777,600,000 777,600,000


G 3 3
L 30 33
S 300 333
N 50 383

Counting the 49 Omer for N50


5 9 2448 Torah Given Ex24:7
5 9 2854 David’s Birth
5 9 3792 Pentecost Acts2:5


= 9,136 9×1×3×6 162 Rocha

1   1 1 2 11
3   3 4 6 33
6  33 37 12 66
9 333 370 18 99

Digits 5×9×2×…×7×9×2 2821754880000

28+21+75+48+80 252 Gelson

Shavuot + Yeshua + Gelson 2026 △

9136+1+1+5787+26+2+5787 = 20740 207 Light 1480 Area

    20×74 = 1480 40×37

9136+1+1+5740+26+2+5740 = 20646

20+646 = 666 • 20+64+6 = 90 King • 206+46 252 Gelson

Shavuot the Year Gelson was born:

9,136 + 5+9+5740 = 14890 148 90 King

    14+8+90 = 112 △ YHWH26 + Elohim86; Gen1:1; Jhn1:1

    1480 × 9 13,320 | 4×320 | 13+320 = 333 GLS

    1×4×8×9 = 288 2368 2×3×6×8

Shavuot 5 9 5784 • 9+5+5784 = 57[98] • 5×7×9×8 = 2520

5×7 = 35 Biblical Generation ×98 = 3430 Abraham to GCCR

14×7×35 *** Mtt1:17

6 June 2024 • 6×6×2024 = 72,864 72 Light 864 JeruSalem

6×6×20×24 = 17280 1728 JeruSalem 12×12×12

Sivan 1 5784 • Leap Year 383 • 10 1 5784 • 115 7 84 = 206

Time Leo was at the Center
JeruSalem Area
49 Omer 1147 GCCR

1565+5+23+[16+02] = 1611
16 November • 162 Rocha
15+65+05+23+16+02 = 126 Eden
162+126 = 288 2×3×6×8
15+6+[50]+23+[16+02] = 112 Pyramid
YHWH26 + Elohim86
156+50+23+16+02 = 247 1147 GCCR

In that night God appeared to Solomon, and said to him, “Ask what I shall give you.” And Solomon said to God, “You have shown great and steadfast love to David my father, and have made me king in his place. YHWH Elohim, let your word to David my father be now fulfilled, for you have made me king over a people as numerous as the dust of the earth. Give me now wisdom and knowledge to go out and come in before this people, for who can govern this people of yours, which is so great?” Elohim answered Solomon, “Because this was in your heart, and you have not asked for possessions, wealth, honor, or the life of those who hate you, and have not even asked for long life, but have asked for wisdom and knowledge for yourself that you may govern my people over whom I have made you king, wisdom and knowledge are granted to you. I will also give you riches, possessions, and honor, such as none of the kings had who were before you, and none after you shall have the like.” So Solomon came from the high place at Gibeon, from before the tent of meeting, to Jerusalem. And he reigned over Israel.

2 Chronicles 1:7-13

2+1 + 7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 = 135 513 135

בלילה ההוא נראה אלהים לשלמה ויאמר לו שאל מה אתן לך

ויאמר שלמה לאלהים אתה עשית עם דויד אבי חסד גדול והמלכתני תחתיו

עתה יהוה אלהים יאמן דברך עם דויד אבי כי אתה המלכתני על עם 

עתה חכמה ומדע תן לי ואצאה לפני העם הזה ואבואה כי מי ישפט את עמך הזה הגדול

ויאמר אלהים לשלמה יען אשר היתה זאת עם לבבך ולא שאלת עשר נכסים וכבוד ואת נפש שנאיך וגם ימים רבים לא שאלת ותשאל לך חכמה ומדע אשר תשפוט את עמי אשר המלכתיך עליו

החכמה והמדע נתון לך ועשר ונכסים וכבוד אתן לך אשר לא היה כן למלכים אשר לפניך ואחריך לא יהיה כן

Testament of Judah Chapter 4

עד־אשר תבוא תשועת ישראל

עד־יופיע אלהי הצדק להשקיט בשלום יעקב וכל־הגוים והוא ישמר כח־מלכותי עד־עולם

20 And after these things shall a star arise to you from Jacob in peace,

21 And a man shall arise from my seed, like the sun of righteousness,

22 Walking with the sons of men in meekness and righteousness;

23 And no sin shall be found in him.

24 And the heavens shall be opened unto him, to pour out the spirit, even the blessing of the Holy Father; and He shall pour out the spirit of grace upon you; [ Yeshua ]

25 And ye shall be unto Him sons in truth, and ye shall walk in His commandments first and last.

26 Then shall the sceptre of my kingdom shine forth; and from your root shall arise a stem [ Jeremiah33:14-26 ]; and from it shall grow a rod of righteousness to the Nations, to judge and to save all that call upon El-Elohim [ YHWH ].

וממנו יצמח שבט מישור לגוים לשפט ולהושיע את־כל־אשר יקרא אל־אלהים:

S 3472 3×47×2 282 | 22508 282 N50 252 Gelson

    3×4×72 = 864 JeruSalem | 34×72 2448 Giving of Torah

O 596 5×9×6 270

R 187 18×7 126

27 And after these things shall Abraham and Isaac and Jacob arise unto life; and I and my brethren shall be chiefs of the tribes of Israel:

Psalm 110 | Priest King FOREVER

YHWH says to My Adonai:
“Sit at my right hand,
until I make your enemies your footstool.”
YHWH sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter.
Rule in the midst of your enemies!
Your people will offer themselves freely
on the day of your power, in holy garments;
from the womb of the morning,
the dew of your youth will be yours.
YHWH has sworn and will not change His mind,
“You are a [King-]priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.”
YHWH is at your right hand;
He will shatter kings on the day of His wrath.
He will execute judgment among the nations,
filling them with corpses;
He will shatter chiefs over the wide earth.
He will drink from the brook by the way;
therefore he will lift up his head.


And he said to them, “Thus says YHWH God of Israel, ‘Put your sword on your side each of you, and go to and fro from gate to gate throughout the camp, and each of you kill his brother and his companion and his neighbor.’” Exodus 32:27

PURGE ALL XXXTIAN ORGS “false priests”, false priesthoods:

ונביאי השקר כסופות יהיו וירדפו כל־אנשי צדק:

“And there shall be false prophets [ leaders of false xxxtian religions ] like tempests And they shall persecute all righteous men.” Testament of Judah




Gelson 252 72 27



The Laws and The Legends; Ho8:20ESV 820 82 28

… “From me, King Solomon! Peace be with thee, peace with the nobles of thy realm! Know that God has appointed me king over the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, the demons, the spirits, and the spectres. All the kings of the East and the West come to bring me greetings. If thou wilt come and salute me, I shall show thee great honor, more than to any of the kings that attend me. But if thou wilt not pay homage to me, I shall send out kings, legions, and riders against thee. Thou askest, who are these kings, legions, and riders of King Solomon? The beasts of the field are my kings, the birds my riders, the demons, spirit, and shades of the night my legions. The demons will throttle you in your beds at night, while the beasts will slay you in the field, and the birds will consume your flesh.”

When the Queen of Sheba had read the contents of the letter, she again rent her garment, and sent word to her elders and her princes: “Know you not what Solomon has written to me?” They answered: “We know nothing of King Solomon, and his dominion we regard as naught.” But their words did not reassure the queen. She assembled all the ships of the sea, and loaded them with the finest kinds of wood, and with pearls and precious stones. Together with these she sent Solomon six thousand youths and maidens, born in the same year, in the same month, on the same day, in the same hour all of equal stature and size, all clothed in purple garments. They bore a letter to King Solomon as follows: “From the city of Kitor to the land of Israel is a journey of seven years. As it is thy wish and behest that I visit thee, I shall hasten and be in Jerusalem at the end of three years.” …

Legends of The Jews; King Solomon; Queen of Sheba



Previous Phase: “… Do you not think that I can ask to My Father [ YHWH, not “Joseph”, Matt12:46-50 ], and He will at once send us more than twelve legions of “spiritual beings”? Matt26:52-53

WEEK VIII | A SWORD will be given …

10,000 Years Warfare Ex15:3 513 135 153 …

Earthly Forces in sync with The Heavens



11+22+19+63 115 • 37^73 115 Digits • 1×1×2×2×1×9×6×3 648 • Rocha 162×4 • 6×48 288 2×3×6×8 2368

1. Abraham Lincoln 16th; 15 Apr[4] 1865

2. James Abram Garfield 20th; 19 Sep[9] 1881

3. William McKinley Jr 25th; 14 Sep[9] 1901

4. John F. Kennedy 35th; 22 Nov[11] 1917

Morning by morning
I will destroy all the wicked in the land,
cutting off all the evildoers
from the City of YHWH.

4 KILLS, ONE for each quadrant: ▼卐

555+555+555+555 = 2220 ▼卐

SECRETS Mtt13:11,13 37

We ADDED H to True AbraHam, Gen17:5

17 153 | 5 14 104 3848

REMOVED John 1:1 F.K.’s O from base of fakes: Abraham, James, William, Jhn.

O Stand 60 ×37 2220

Reverse Stand 16829

168 888 • 29 11 The Secret King of Isaiah Nine Six

1×6×8×2×9 = 864 JeruSalem; FourSquare


4×37 148 1147 GCCR EL 31×37

“The conduct of WAR IS AN ART …
scientifically verified [ YHWH Centered ].”
Truppenführung, The German Art of War

For there’s Tru[e]ppenführung △Ps45 ß4卍
……………….. and truppenf*****g [ + ◉ – ] 45▼卐

“YHWH is a Man of War.” Ex15:3 153 513 135

12/24 Hebrew Germanic Tribes


Hebrew Dates:

7+19+5625 = 5,651 5+651 = 656

…. 6×5×6 = 180 Fine-Structure Constant for 383 GLSN

7+19+5625+12+25+5641 = 11329 11 3 29

…. 11 111 29 • 11 + 37+37+37 + 29 = 151 333

7+19+5625+12+25+5641+1+1+5662 = 16993

…. 1369 9 1×3×6×9 162 Rocha ×9 1458 14+58 72

7+19+5625+12+25+5641+1+1+5662+3+7+5678 = 22,681

…. 22+681 = 703 “And The Earth” Gen1:1B

3+7+56+78 = 505 SRH

383 GLSN going into 505 SRH = 888

Hebrew Dates’ Digits




684 864 JeruSalem + 288 2×3×6×8 = 9[72] 99

5×7×6×1×8×2×8×8 215040

21+50+40 111 AAA 37+37+73 147

Gregorian Dates:

15+4+1865+19+9+1881+14+9+1901+22+11+1917 = 7667

7+6+6+7 = 26 YHWH • 7×6×6×7 = 1764 [ 18 666 ] = 1728 + 36

15+4+18+65+19+9+18+81+14+9+19+01+22+11+19+17 = 341 3×41 123 Phi E Pi

1+5+4+1+8+6+5+1+9+9+1+8+8+1+1+4+9+1+9+0+1+2+2+1+1+1+9+1+7 = 116 November 6 [ 2026 ]

1×5×4×1×8×6×5×1×9×9×1×8×8×1×1×4×9×1×9×1×2×2×1×1×1×9×1×7 = 2031663513600 36

20+31+663 = 714 777 147 The Root of David

513+600 = 1113 24 12/24 Hebrew Germanic Tribes

20+31+663+513+600 = 1827 1×8×2×7 112 18 666 [27] 999

20+31+6+6+351+3600 = 4014 40 Area 14 David 414 Gelson Rocha

20+31+6+6+351+360+0 = 774 7×74 518 14David ×37

2+0+31+6+6+351+360+0 = 756 EQ 378+378

2+0+3+1+6+6+3+5+1+3+6+0+0 = 36 Base

2×3×1×6×6×3×5×1×3×6 = 58,320 58 Noah/Messiah 320

1865+1881+1901+1917 = 7564

756 EQ 378+378 1111

75 ×37 2775 777

64 ×37 2368 288

75×37+64×37 = 5,143 148 1147 GCCR EL 31 ×37

4 Names Gematria Standard = 4447 4×4×4×7 = 448

Squares 9649 28 Pyramid • 9×37 + 64×37 = 2701 + 9×37 = 3034

3034 = 343 Generations 14×7×35 • 30+34 = 64 2368


The 448 Gelson Felson Top of Pyramid, to reassemble Isaachians as a Kingdom, is not for bipolars.

….. 448
7776 7776

1.6B Isaachians.

/ ↑ \

“Now let them put away their WHORING
[ false religions/govs ]
and dead bodies of their kings
[ false religious/political leaders ]
far from Me, and I will dwell
in their midst FOREVER.”
Ezk43:9 378 Γκέλσον

ΔΧ 1480 + 2368 2×3×6×8 288

2×5×2 + 2×8×8 = 148

252 Gelson Standard | המאור The Light | + 288

28+8 = 36 | Each 666 Pyramid = 36×37×0.5

2+5+2 + 2+8+8 = 27 9

2+5+2 + 2+3+6+8 = 28 10 37

252 [ 9 ] 288 [ 18 ] | 999 | 27 | 9

…. 2[9]6 Rock צור
2[9]6 2[9]6 592 Felsen

“Be sure you make everything according to the pattern I have shown you here on the mountain.” Eternal King | “You are a [ King-Priest ] forever, after the order of Melchizedek.” Ps110 | Restoration of legitimate Kingdom/Priesthood, Center, must be Isaachians’ priority. Acts15:16

Each 666 Pyramid = 36×37×0.5 | 288 | 28+8 = 36

Right-side up fractal ΔΧ 2368 [ 28 36 ], base of 4-Sided Pyramid, with 444 Axis [ 148+148+148 ], is One with 11+26 [ 37 YhYHWH ]. One with 925 area [ 25×37 ], 1 King + 24, Rev4:4, which is one with both upper area [ 37 ] and base 2368 [ 148+2220 areas ] of Pyramid, to organize 2220 image.

Adam45 26+19 in 19 Eve, completes Eve, 2220+[148] in 2220 [ 555×4 ], but unfallen Adam’s 148+2220 is whole without Eve. E.g., Unlike Adam45-YHWH26=DJT.COVID19 [ + • – ]▼.

28×37 + 36×37 = 2368

2×3×6×8 = 288

36 = 28+8 288 David’s Orchestra; Mighty Warriors

36 × 37 × 0.5 = 666 + 37 = 703 “and The Earth.”

Triangle Area = Height × Base Length × 0.5

The Jewish “Jesus Christ”, Son of YHWH, Yehoshua 937 = Gelson[38]3-David14 [ 937 ], is ONE WITH all three levels, EK>IK>PK [ NOT as the “Gentile Jesus” of the GOAT [ Catholicism, Orthodoxism, Denominations, Non-Denominationals, Dan8:8 ] ]

9+3+7+9+3+7 = 38 11 2 74 11 2

3×8 24 888 296+296+296

…. 2[9]6 Rock צור
2[9]6 2[9]6 592 Felsen

37+296 = 333 ×3 = 999

148 14 104 3848 383 38[3+1]8 | Quantum Seed
148 14 104 3848 383 38[3+1]8
148 14 104 3848 383 38[3+1]8 | Materialization


555 Area, 333 eating 148 Bread | Son of God, Son of Man
925 Area with 148 Center [ 4×37 ]
2368 Area, where 148 is infused into 2220

Not as the upside down [ + • – ]▼ fragmented xxxtian GOAT winds, without the Multidimentional Center 148+148+148 = 444, in the 2220 area [ 555×4 ]


37+37+37 = 111
148+148+148 = 444

14 14 14 | 5 5 5

1480 [ with 2×148, 296 Rock צור, Ordinal 44, and with 148 [ 444 ] for the 2220, previously removed from the visible realm on Earth, returns on time to “Rock” the false centers of patterns, to free Isaachians, to reestablish the True Center for the 2220 realm on Earth. Dan2:34-35,44-45

“Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for Shalom [ Wholeness, Unity, Completion, Coherence ]! But now they are hidden from your eyes.” Lk19:42

“The Secret King of Isaiah Nine Six” is the 1480 [ with 148+148 ], to add the quantum 148 [ 148+148+148; EKIKPK-KWML ] to the 2220 Realm on Earth, to form a non-fragmented, 2368, one with the whole [ 3848 ], to bring coherence to the 2220 mirror. | 26+19 ΔΧ on 19 xx

As in Heaven, on Earth

1480+148 | 1628 + 2220 = 3848

16×37 + 28×37 = 1628

φ1.6 | 28 Gen Letters/Pyramids

Unlike those who pursue the current fragmented centers of patterns, contributing to the multidimentional fragmentation of the ik>pk layers on Earth, the SON of YHWH seeks first the EK, is infused [ EK>IK ] with EK, to build the True PK on Earth.


The ΔΧ SON of YHWH doesn’t “walk by sight”, from external world to internal. We are infused [ IK ] with the Eternal [ EK ] FOR the external [ PK ], not the other way around [ + • – ]▼

We are, to different degrees, on different levels, connected to the external, but Rooted in the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

For example, when JeruSalem [ external ] made bad choices, the True King, YHSWH, connected to the Earthly Realm, expressed sadness [ IK>PK ], but it doesn’t affect the “Deep Centered Joy” [ EK>IK ]. Luke 19:41-44 189 999 27 9 △

The Marriage of the Heavens [ 1998 ] and The Earth [ 703 ], Gen1:1 2701, means the King is also emotionally invested, HeartMath+ connected to the mirror 2220 on Earth, but differently than the EK>IK connection.

In the beginning created Elohim the Heavens … 1998 [ 666+666+666; 999 ] | Ord. 247 1147
and the Earth 703 [ 666+37 ]
Genesis 1:1

Connection to Legitimate Center on Earth is different than connection without the Legitimate Center with Original Patterns, with the Presence of the Eternal Father, YHWH, NAME, as the Son is at the deepest part of HimSelf, from Spirit [ EK ] to soul [ IK ] to physical realm [ PK ].

Adam45 26+19 is 26+19 +19 with Eve19.

If Eve turns away from True Center, YHWH26, True Adam removes 19 Eve, but stays whole [ 26+19 ]. If Adam chooses fallen 19 Eve’s wrong path, 26 YHWH removes 26 YHWH from Adam, his 19 [ 2220 ] becomes fragmented, like the xxxtian GOAT winds’ LIES, Dan8:8, like beast govs [ + • – ]▼.

“This is why I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.” Matthew 13:13 “This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophet: “I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter what has been hidden since the foundation of the world.” Mtt13:35

1 MALE, DAVID [ GLS 333; 555 Area ]


[ 925 Area + 555 = 1480 = GCCR 1147 + 333 ]


24 + 48 = 72 [ 72 Elders ]

Nmbrs11:16 [ 11.16.[26]1979 ] Nmbrs11:26; Lk10:1

1 + 24 + 48 = 73

46 Sepherim + 27 Biblos = 73

37×73 Gen1:1 2701 370 1369

True Adam, like Daniel, Joseph, does unlike fallen 45 [ + • – ]▼, Republican-Democracy, who chose the fall and is without YHWH26 like fallen Eve19 is. E.g., the “Let’s Make America Great AGAIN< delusion,” without Kingdom of Heaven reality, worldview.

Therefore, the SON of YHWH loves YhYHWH above all else. With clear internalized Eternal Kingdom of Heaven, priorities are very easily managed. Anytime we need to make choices that involve the two paths, △ or [ + • – ]▼, the choices are very simply made. We don’t forfeit Eternity for mere Earthly mirrors, the lower level of Creation, the Earth. We walk by True Faith in the True Eternal Creator of the Universe, One with Uncreated Eternal One, not like the xxxtianity’s hollow, fragmented FAT false faiths.

Deut6:4-5; Mtt4:1-11

The Son of YHWH who prioritized “growing Adam/David as Son of YHWH,” maintaining Unity with Uncreated One, continuing to develop Internal Structure, knows His timing. The Son has the internalized Rock 148+148 [ 296 ] צור, for the Realm.

378 Γκέλσον 37×8 [ 4+4 ] = 296 צור [ 148+148 ]

Γκέλσον Κλέι Δρυοδάσος Βράχος


37×73 2701 | 8+9 17 8 | 8×9 72×37 2664 [ 666×4 ]

Sepherim 390 86 21 סְפָרִ֤ים

Biblos 714 84 21 βίβλους | 147 444 21 Δαβίδ

46+27 = 73 | 37×73 Gen1:1 2701 370 1369

8+6+8+4 = 26 YHWH

21×37 = 777 147

714 = 777 147

7×14 = 98 Generations from Abraham to GCCR

If Planet Earth still had a Legitimate Kingdom Center consistent with the patterns of Heaven, hosting Instance of the True Father, YHWH [ Lk2:49; Jhn2:16 ] that would have been the ideal place for the Son of YHWH to grow up, in union with the Earthly Realm. But the Son had to grow apart from fragmented centers, in order to, in sync with Heaven, finish off the false centers and rebuild True Center on Earth.


“… And I’LL GIVE HIM THE MORNING STAR.” Rv2:26-28 83 38

Saturday, 1 Adar 5784 [ 26 ] / 10 February 2024

Sunday, 2 Adar 5784 [ 27 ] / 11 February 2024

On The True Path …

Friday, September 8, 2023 12²
22-23 Elul 5783 [ 30-31 ]

The stars aligned, paths were crossed
I saw in your eyes that The Way was lost
Personal dreams I left on the shelf
Multidimensional battles for The Twelve

There were victories, there were scars
You, lost in Venus, I was Enlightened in Mars
Sacrifices for unspeakable Agape, for Love
Battles to bring back to Earth, The Dove

Love making in high altitudes
Mars flying on fire, heart burning desire
Newtonian distances were hardly walls
In Winters, Springs, True Summers and Falls

The hope you would also see
Beyond the fleeting shadows in your mind
Unlike most who are lost in the shadows
A Sea of Meaning, Light, Truth you would find [ Jhn4:13,[14],15 ]

Destiny, part of the wonder of it all
When souls in the True Path meet
The moment eyes meet the eyes
With a feeling sweeping off one’s feet

It’s for Love we fight for the Kingdom
With Light, Love the Universe was made
It is with Joy and Love we’ll rule the Earth
Without Light, Blue and Green that galaxies fade


“How blessed are your wives,
How blessed are your officials,
Who continually stand before you
and hear your wisdom! …
Because of YHWH’s Eternal Love for Israel,
he has made you king to maintainjustice and righteousness.” Saba’s Queen
1Ki10:8-9 BST/LXX • 2Chron1:10 • Matt8:16

“Quantum Entanglement” is an extraordinary, counterintuitive [ for unenlightened “newtonian” beings ] phenomenon that shows how multiple subatomic particles can be intimately linked to each other even if separated by billions of light-years of space. Connection on Unitive Eternal Level, above current Earthly “Space and Time” configuration.

There is no True Love without Truth. There’s no Truth without True Love. True Blue and True Green are One with the Quantum Life-Light.

“YHWH Elohim, YHWH Echad.”

Fragmented false blue, false green, false orange, false red, false yellow … are mere darkness.

As True Sons of Uncreated Father, Life-Light, we keep our hearts and minds “Above the Clouds.” Higher than anything on Earthly realm, Creation, is a feeling of deep unspeakable joy, aliveness, which also gives depth and true meaning to what’s below.

“You [ YHWH ] make known to me the Path of Life; in Your Presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” King David, Ps16:11

YELLOW and yellow

Few highlights contrasting unenlightened yellow [ + ◉ – ] ▼ with Enlightened Yellow part of Kingdom of Light, ✡ 卍 [ △▽ □ ↻]


On Three Dimensions:
Light/Spirit: Eternal
Soul: Internal
Body: Physical World
“As in Heaven, on Earth” ✡ △▽

The Four Faces of Ezekiel 1

The main patterns of Isaiah 9:6

From SuperMind, White-Life-Light, Overarching Kingdom Worldview, we don’t see life as a chaotic organism, like the “random evolution” theorists, for example. We see it as it is, Orchestrated Evolution, per Intelligent Fractal Patterns, Principles of the Eternal Life-Light.

Chaos on Earth, for example, are the making of free-will beings disconnected from Creative Ordering Light, YX, Father-King, YHWH, Root, who’ve turned away from the Path of Righteousness, Integrated Original Creative Ordering Blue Center, one with the whole, with the Beginning, Foundation, one with the Future, Goal, Outcome of the Creative Ordering Process — Earth from Genesis to Revelation, for instance.

37 x 73 = △ 2701 [ Genesis 1:1 ]
64 Pre-9.11.3BC Books + 27 Post = 73

“I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Rev22:13

Unlike unenlightened yellow mere integration of “head, heart and gut feeling,” we are One with the Creative Ordering Source, and instead of mere action from freedom to “think and and act from an inner-directed core [ IK>PK ], Mtt6:33, we seek to think and to act from Union with extrapersonal directed core [ Eternal Center, YHWH, … EK>IK>PK ]

We have an instance of the Extrapersonal Core within us. Thus, we are Sons of YHWH. Jhn10:30

“I AM in the Father and the Father is in me;” Jhn14:11

Acts13:22, “a man after the heart of the Eternal Father-King, who is wise and mature enough to use free-will to serve and to obey the Perfect Will of the All-Wise OmniScient One.” “… for the Father [ Uncreated Life-Light, YHWH, Root ] is greater than I.” Jhn14:28; 10:30

How do you recognize the absence of Enlightened Yellow?

E.g., Washington, stuck with a false blue system, blind, disoriented, disorganized, unenlightened mere rationalization, fanaticized and fantasized fragmented yellow patterns from below, totally unaware of Overarching Kingdom of Heaven’s Worldview, Reality, Vision, Path, Patterns, Process, Truth, Direction, …

E.g. The dellusion of trying to solve climate change with fragmented untrue laws, fragmented unenlightened science only.


Unlike unenlightened yellow “experience of freedom and change as a constant,” in which “today, all may be all right, but tomorrow everything needs to change,” Enlightened Yellow’s changes, “innovation,” are coherent with the Creative Ordering Evolution. It is consistent with the Unchanging Eternal Foundation.

E.g., Sabbath is Eternal, part of the Original Unchanging Patterns of Creative Ordered Evolution, upon which change, progress, is built, on top of the Original Foundation, “Eternal Rock,” unlike unenlightened yellow houses built on sand.

E.g., The “Evolutionary Phase” of the unfolding of the True Kingdom on Earth process, the appearing and incarnation of YHSWH, His Naming, the unfolding of His work, revelations contained in the Post 9.11.3BC Books [ 27 NTBs ], etc, are all consistent with the Revelation in the 46 OTBs; Rom3:31.

E.g., Sand-house Catholicism, disconnected and untrue to Eternal Root, Rock, changed the Eternal Original Principles, Patterns, … and all the changes made by the “YHWH-less”, “Kingdom-of-Heaven-less” splits and fragmentations that gave birth to the daughters of the “false church Mother Whore” are mere sand-houses, destined to be eliminated FOREVER, Mtt15:13.

Unenlightened Yellow: Organize work based on values instead of based on goals.

/ ↑ \ Goals are part of the organization of Enlightened Yellow, One with the Creative Ordering Process from Above. E.g., the Goal of the 10,000 Years Corrective and Creative Ordering Process on Earth is to build an Eternal Center “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” unlike mere castles-in-the-air, for the Legitimate Kingdom/Priesthood destined to govern the Earth.

Unenlightened Yellow refuses labels.
See how the KWML patterns are correctly LABELED.
Innovation is fully compatible with Labeling.
True Creative Ordering Evolution, Innovation, also uses LABELS.
YHWH is an Eternal Living Creative Ordering “LABEL”, Living and Breathing Structure upon which Evolutionary Creation happens.
To change Abram’s destiny, bringing it into alignment with YHWH’s Reality, Plans, Goals, … father Abram was “relabled” as Abraham.
But unlike the rigidity of false or unenlightened closed blue, the Creative Ordering Process is open to contingencies within Overarching Higher Level Fixed Framework, Processes, … in order to achieve Overarching Intended Outcome.

It has a clear concept of the Future, e.g., Rev21-22 New Jerusalem, per Original Principles, Patterns, … Rev11:19, consistent with the Root, Universal Creative Ordering Patterns.

Isaachians: 12² | 777,600,000² | 1.6B | 20/80

“It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed — … And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.” Revelation 21:12,14

Unenlightened Yellow: “Critical, curious without judging and keep asking questions.” From the Light, Supermind: Critical, Curious and Righteous Judgment. [ E.g. “My judgment is not my own …” YHSWH ]

“You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one. Yet even if I do judge, my judgment is true, for it is not I alone who judge, but I and the Father [ EK>IK>PK ] who sent me.” Jhn8:15-16

Enlightened Yellow also receives “ideas” intuitively, from the Creatively Ordering Light, consistent with Root, Foundation, … True Past, Present, Future.

Unlike unenlightened Yellows who “Get bogged down in complex analysis. Builds castles in the air; inventing beautiful futuristic solutions, which are not pragmatic. Not able to finish something because there’s always something new that requires attention. Everything is criticized and made more complex instead of doing what actually needs to be done. At times, Yellow may seem cold and distant as it sometimes forgets to connect to people (because of its enthusiasm).”

The analysis of complex patterns with Enlightened Yellow, highlights “simplicity” in the patterns [ e.g. description: https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/252350/strategic-theme.aspx ]. Instead of building castles in the air, the ideas are “practical”. It innovates and builds on an existing Eternal Foundation, to “FINISH” that which is absolutely True, Real, and Eternal, e.g., from Genesis to Revelation.

The complex analysis that sees the “simplicity” of real patterns leads to action focused on what really needs to be done. For example, the analysis of the “beasts” in Light of True Eternal Kingdom of Heaven patterns highlights what must be done correctly, unlike those with blind mere actions or inactivity.

Enlightened Yellow also feels One with the whole, connected to the Uncreated Life-Light and Creation, at different degrees and levels, of course.

Integrated [ Purple ]
Enlightened Yellow have feelings for “True Traditions”, not false traditions, Mrk7:6-9,13
It clarifies and leads to [20]/80 correct and focused action, instead of ▼80% action, mere unenlightened business, activities, with little results. E.g. Restoring Truth in a few decades, vs., false churches, mere activities which have not restored truth in hundreds of years of false “freedom of religion.”

Integrated [ Red ]
Enlightened Yellow “Listens to the Life-Light, … Visioneers, idealizes, studies, strategizes, selects, strikes.”

Integrated [ Blue ]
Enlightened Yellow incorporates discipline, and disciplined and principled “change”, innovation, compatible with Foundation, Overarching Direction, True Creative Ordering Path.

Integrated [ Orange ]
Enlightened Yellow connections are consistent with Foundational Overarching Patterns, scientifically verifiable, validated, practical.

Integrated [ Green ]
Enlightened Yellow is one with the Whole, but from Above, deeper than “mere unenlightened green” waters. One with the whole at different degrees and levels. “YHWH Elohim. YHWH Echad.” E.g. [20]/80 Pyramid

. . .

Enlightened Yellow, One with White-Life-Light, is critical in a healthy, sharp, open-minded, and constructive way. Destructive [ Enlightened Red ] when appropriate. The Enlightened Warrior destroys what must be destroyed.

One with Uncreated Life-Light.
One with the Eternal Kingdom and Cause.

Imagination is not more important than knowledge. One with Source of True Imagination, it is also one with True Knowledge. Unlike, Ho4:6, Ezk13.

Unlike unenlightened yellow’s value system, “There are no facts,” for Enlightened Yellow, “There are facts.”

Unenlightened Yellow is Axisless, YX, YHWH-less. Jhn17:6,[26]

False YHWH-less governing center, Kingdom-of-Heaven-less misleading labels:


The Prince/King’s Queen/Princesses

Multidimensional Multifaceted “Climate Change”, Enoch LXXX 2-8

“Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea [ mere waters, Rev17:15, unlike Rev21:6 ] was no more. And I saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Rev21-22

King David, marrying the “Twelve Tribes” wasn’t just mere politics. 1Chrn14:3. “Marrying the land …” [ “HeartMath+” with Eternal Kingdom of Heaven, for those who don’t understand interconnectedness of all things, at different quantum levels, degrees. ]

The King and Kingdom Center serves as a Microcosm of the Macrocosm Creation [ Heaven and Earth ] “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

/ ↑ \
“… I gave you your master’s house and your master’s [ previous king’s, Saul’s ] wives into your arms and gave you the House of Israel and of Judah. And if this were too little, I would add to you as much more.” 2Sam12:8 • Centered growth.

King Solomon understood the wisdom of doing so, of marrying the princesses, the multidimentional multifaceted dynamics, for more than just mere political reasons. But “mere human wisdom” got in Solomon’s way of the relationship with YHWH, he went beyond YHWH’s “enlightened, wise, true, principles, commandments,” in terms of doing what disconnects from the “Root.” Not to be repeated, as Judah’s Shua relationship with the Canaanite is also not to be repeated. [ Non-Covenanted Isaachians: Ezra9-10; Nhm13:23-30 ]

How The Mighty Fall [ https://www.jimcollins.com/books/how-the-mighty-fall.html ]

We have to rebuild the True Kingdom on Earth.

Like intentional “soul-work” has to be done, not mere intellectual knowledge about it, as many talk about the Sacred Scriptures but don’t live it, the work to build the Kingdom has to be done, the work to move Isaachian Nations from “feet of Dan2 Statue” [ + v – ] to “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.” / ↑ \.

“It is the glory of Elohim to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” Prv25:2

The Covenanted Isaachian, a maturing Wise-Prince [ King, ] growing on the / ↑ \ Eternal Kingdom of Heaven’s direction, also shows “The Way”, Truthful Meaning, as exemplified in the Book of Proverbs, to the Isaachian Nations, princesses [ queens ] whom he chooses to do so.

He shares the “Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven,” Matt13:11, with those who are not foolish enough, but with boundaries, cultivating the “interior Garden of Eden,” are wisely “open” to let in what must be kept in, to take out what needs to be kept out. Wise enough to use the free-will to “seek first”, Mtt6:33, the “Right Treasure”, Mtt13:44-45, …

[ ✡︎Ps45 ß4卍 ] SS3:1-5, Jrm29:13, …

The Bride’s Dream:

On my bed by night
   I sought him whom my soul loves;
      I sought him, but found him not.
I will rise now and go about the city,
      in the streets and in the squares;
   I will seek him whom my soul loves.
      I sought him, but found him not.
The watchmen found me
      as they went about in the city.
   “Have you seen him whom my soul loves?”

With those who are ready for more than mere [ + v – ] “skin on skin,” [ https://open.spotify.com/track/5Kj4KRyW1fyFcwinxeHIVZ ], not deceived by mere fleeting shadows, by the “visible things only.” The ones who make an Eternal Covenant with YHWH [ Unlike: “She forgets the Covenant of her Elohim.” Prov2:17 ]. Those who willingly do the “soul work” to grow as a wise-queen, fit for the Prince/King.

“Do not reprove a scoffer, or that person will hate you; reprove a wise person, and that person will love [ respect ] you. Give instruction to a wise person, and that person will be still wiser; teach a righteous person, and that person will increase in learning. The fear [ reverence ] of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” Proverbs 9:7-10

He also shows The Way to tested allied nations. 1Ki10LXX.

“The Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten virgins … Five of them were foolish and five were wise …” Matt25:1-13

The Prince, Wise-King with “the heart of David,” with the growing “Wisdom and Knowledge of King Solomon”, in other words, of the Eternal Father King, YHWH, David/Solomon’s True Father, “My Father”, [ 1Chr22:10; 28:6 ], “paints the picture” of the Sacred City of the Wise King, City of Righteousness, and explains the character of the wise and queenly soul of Mount Zion, True JeruSalem City, to his princesses, Isaachian Nations.

As an Isaachian Daughter of YHWH, a City Queen, as the King, she “belongs” to YHWH Elohim, and she belongs to the king like Lady Wisdom, Prov8-9, belongs to the Holy One.

Microcosm of the Macrocosm

/ ↑ \

“… Mount Zion, in the far north,
   the city of the great King. …
Within her citadels YHWH,
   has made HimSelf known as a fortress …
Walk about Zion, go around her,
   number her towers,
consider well her ramparts,
   go through her citadels,
   that you may tell the next generation
      that this is YHWH,
   our Elohim forever and ever.
      He will guide us forever.” Ps48

There’s David, there are Sauls, Ahabs, …
   there are Daniels,
   there are king Nebuchadnezzars,
   there are bipolar politicians of the “beast” …

The Princess is not a “Daniela,” nor bipolar politicians who can’t see beyond the bipolar dynamics [ + v – ], like “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost, without the Worldview/Vision for the / ↑ \ Davidic/Messianic Kingdom connected to the perpetuity of Earth.

Faithful to the “as in Heaven [ YX ], so on Earth, [ xx ],” the soul of City on Earth, one with the Heavens, mirrors, complements the “Heavens.”

Faithful to her original feminine and queenly aspects which were taken away [ Genesis 2:21 ] from the soul and body of the Son of YHWH to make a Daughter of YHWH, compatible with the Kingly soul of the Prince [ King ], she also does her side of soul work to bring Earth into deeper union with the Heavens.

Faithful to YHWH’s Kingdom Cause, she works with the Prince-King as Lady Wisdom works with YHWH to Create the Universe [ the Heavens and the Earth ].

“… then I was beside him, like a master architect, and I was daily his delight, rejoicing before him always, …” Lady Wisdom, Prv8:30

Touched by Spirit/Light, understanding the Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven, she does her part of soul work, EQ>IQ to build and to be the King’s PQ.

For there is Water, there is water, and there is water.
For there is Wine, there is wine, and there is wine.

“… Your our eyes are wells of light, deep with mystery. Quintessentially feminine! …” SS7:4MSG [ Your eyes are like the pools in Heshbon ]

Glimpsis of wisdom, knowledge, understanding: [ YHWH’s Son, David’s Son ] King Solomon’s multimeaningful, but “centered”, Kingdom Proverbs 9:1-6, describing a Wise companion for the Prince/King:

Wisdom has built her house;
She’s done her work to be a House/Temple/City/Nation fitful for the King;

she has hewn her seven pillars.
Unlike “crude matter,” she has done, is doing, her soul work, her seven days of creation, the seven heavens, the seven notes, … and her Seventh Day,  “Sabbath”, is Enlightened, reflecting Wholeness, “Shalom,” … The Creative Ordering Pattern, Union with the Uncreated One, with YHWH, not mere unenlightened duty, blind obedience to a commandment without being part of the Living and Breathing Universe, the “Living Being,” the Living Principle. She loves YHWH, YHSWH, she learns the TaNaK+, the Kingdom Worldview, Vision, the Laws and the Legends [ Is8:20 ].

She has slaughtered her beasts;
Her soul patterns on Malchut level, QWML energies, more clearly defined at her base, Malchut, with emphasis on the more feminine aspects, on the more earthly, “Nature,” elemental patterns of creation, [ “the enlightened darkness, Gen1:1-5; Ps136:8-9” ] mirrors and complements the King’s KWML — the Pyramid with Pyramids of the King, instance of YHWH, from Above, as the Son, from the Light, with more emphasis on the Heavenly side of Creation. // Unlike a wild, undeveloped, unpolished woman, her “beastly energies”, “the dragons”, have been ‘sacrificed’, ‘crucified,’ no longer self-serving, or serving false centers of patterns. Not “supressed,” but dedicated, offered as a “living sacrifice” to the multidimentional multifaceted Kingdom Center, to the Kingdom Cause. // As a “Kingdom of Heaven” Princess/Queen, her name is no longer Sarai, but Sarah — dedicated to the Eternal Purpose, for the Eternal City/Nation, destined to receive Greater Light from the King. She is destined to be a channel, a container, to continue to “give birth” to the Eternal Kingdom on Earth, to Abraham’s “Isaac/Jacob.” // Crucified to the flesh, touched by the Spirit/Light, her feminine energies now Radiating Life, are consacrated to the Higher Service of the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. In turn for wisely “slaughtering her beasts”, no longer blindly serving the flesh, “Egypt”, they are also “resurrected, repurposed to Eternal Life,” Lk9:24, Jhn5:24, 6:27. [ http://gelsonrocha.com/blog/2022/06/27/the-theocratic-kingdom-p3/ ]

She has mixed her wine;
Her “life-blood,” xx, has been mixed with the “Life-Blood,” YX, of the King.

She has also set her table.
She is ready to serve the “meal.”

She has sent out her young women to call from the highest places in the town, “Whoever is simple [ without insight, wisdom, knowledge, understanding ] let him turn in here!” To him who lacks sense she says, “Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have “mixed.” Leave your simple ways, and live, and walk in the way of insight.”
She is now ready to co-lead, to mentor, to develop other Kingdom Cities, to grow Isaachian Nations, daughters of Zion, daughters of Sarah, together with the King, for the Kingdom of Heaven. She has the Bread of Truth, she has the Wine of Life. She knows the Way to Eternal Life.

She has left “Egypt”. She has left the House of Laban. She has left Palti. She has left Nabal. She has left false open or false closed blues, or other closed centers of patterns, … She has left … her “five husbands”, Jhn4:16, Dan2 “bipolar governments,” … for the Eternal Kingdom.

She doesn’t serve mere temporary kingdoms destined to pass away [ + v – ], Nimrod’s “Phallus,” Mithra’s “Sunday/Easter/Christmas”, … Together with the King, she serves YHWH, YH[S]WH, the Eternal King of the Kings of kings, the “True Sabbath/Passover/Feast of Trumpets [ Yhswh’s True Birthday ]” with / ↑ \ Eternal Principles for Eternal Creative Ordering Life.

She pours out her life to become a Princess/Queen, a Footstool of the Eternal Kingdom on Earth, an Eternal King’s City, an Eternal Daughter of Zion, loyally [ covenanted love ] serving her King, to advance the True Kingdom Cause. Jhn12:1-3; 1Sam25:41

“… by Heaven, for it is the Throne of YHWH, or by the Earth, for it is His footstool, or by JeruSalem, for it is the City of the Great King.” King of the Kings of kings, Matt5:34-35

The Queen, Mount Zion, the True “JeruSalem,” delights the King. She is His delight.

Isaachian Nations, princesses, not choosing to be Rahabs, Jezebels, “The Way of Folly”, … but Sarahs, transformed Sarah’s daughters, daughters of Zion, those who are still unenlightened, uningsightful, untouched by Light/Spirit of Truth, serving the “wrong, false kings,” directionless, purposeless, meaningless husbands, …

“Give me a drink.” E.K., Jhn4:7.

At the entry level, those free-willingly choosing do so, to give “water,” can be ready to receive “Eternal Water,” to be touched by Light/Spirit, to learn and internalize Truth, to start on the Path of Eternal Life, on the Eternal Kingdom Journey. https://twitter.com/GelsonRocha/status/1602052290323546115

“… Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear:
   forget your people and your father’s house,
      and the king will desire your beauty.
   Since he is your lord, bow to him.
      The people of Tyre will seek your favor with gifts,
         the richest of the people.
All glorious is the princess in her chamber,
   with robes interwoven with gold.
      In many-colored robes she is led to the king,
    with her virgin companions following behind her.
With joy and gladness they are led along
    as they enter the palace of the king.
In place of your fathers shall be your sons;
   you will make them princes in all the earth.
I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations;
   therefore nations will praise you forever and ever.

✡︎Ps45 ß4卍

“Wisdom greater than Solomon is here.” YHSWH, Eternal King of the Kings of kings

– – – –


27 Sh’vat 5783

/ ↑ \
“Blessed be YHWH, Eternal King of Israel, who made Heaven & Earth, who has given King David a wise son, who has insight, understanding, who will build a temple for YHWH and a royal palace for himself.” 2Chr2:12; 2Chr2:1; 2Chr1:8-12; 2Sm5:12; 1Chr14:3; Prv8 | EK>IK>PK

“… I will make them One Kingdom on Earth on the mountains of Israel … Judah will be sozoed, Israeli Nations will dwell in Shalom/Wholeness …”

• NW Intermediate Center; Ezk37
• Final Main Center; Rev21-22

Devekut: Jn10:30; Jn17:21; 2Sm23:2; Is9:6

Mtt7:6; 15:24

Sabbath Meditation

The ‘Garden of Eden’ [ Kosmos ], was the starting point for the evolution of the Kingdom Center on Earth, ‘Footstool,’ Malchut. Sons of YHWH, our fathers were supposed to stay on the evolutionary Path, collectively, to grow the Legitimate Kingdom on Earth. Gn17:6; Ps72:8; Rv22:5. “… a stubborn and rebellious generation, a generation whose heart was not steadfast, whose spirit was not faithful to [ אֵ֣ל ]. … He chose ‘David’ [ DWD14 ] his servant … With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.” Ps78
יְהוָ֥ה רֹ֝עִ֗י
[ 26 ]

On Earth as in Heaven
Kether in Malchut, Malchut in Kether
A “Garden of Eden” on Earth
and a Supernal one in “Heaven”
On Sabbaths and New Moons
souls dwelling on Malchut ascend
to the Supernal Garden of Eden
then return to their place.
Ezk20:20; 2Chr7:16; Ps24:3-5

“Who shall ascend the hill of YHWH? And who shall stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false [ E.g., Catholicism [ Iranian-Mithaism with all her weeds, etc ] ] and does not swear deceitfully [ Ho10:4 ]. He will receive blessing from YHWH and righteousness from the Elohim of his salvation.” King David, Ps24

/ ↑ \ “I will run in the way of Your [ YHWH ] commandments when You enlarge my heart!” King David instructing Solomon

The Creator is whole, perfect unity, holy [ Mtt5:48. ] Making the Sabbath holy, sanctifying it [ Gen2:3 ] from space and time, as born from men [ Son of Man, 11, Mtt12:8; 11(326;11) + 15 = 26 ], we ascend to the OmniPresent One. The Conscience, Spirit, Light, Breath of Life, part of us that transcends the soul [ emotions, intellect ] rises above the created universe. A form of meditation that expands the Self [ Seed of Eternity, Ecc3:11, “Goldener Ball”, Da’at ] from the heart, encompassing the Created Universe [ Invisible and Visible realms, “Heaven, invisible all around us, and Earth” ], then, going beyond the created universe, to Uncreated Light, Jhn3:3 ]. Similar to time traveling through the 13+ billions of years of the unfinished Universe, encompassing the Created Universe, all the way to Forever and Eternity, Eternity of Eternities, Infinity, Uncreated Light, the Father.

Simultaneously, as the conscience dwells with the Holy One [ Dtr6:5; Mrk12:29 ], which can also be quantumly sensed closer than a physical breath, we can perceive more Quantum Life-Light being infused into the Earthly Vessel, Personal Temple, as we actively rest, as we Sabbath. Keeping the Sabbath also includes the experience of meditating on the “Isle of Paradise,” — EK — first Source and Governing Center of Creation where the First instance of YHWH is [ “Quantumly,” where we, Sons of YHWH, are ], as well as the instance of the center, Inner Temple, Heart Sanctuary — IK.

Observing Sabbath centers and brings coherence to the Self and to the personality’s patterns.

Doing this, we “HeartMath” ourselves and the creation we are interconnected with. This also makes us keenly aware of the absence of an instance of the Quantum Presence of the NAME, Eden, Eternal Governing Center, on Earth — PK.

As Sons of YHWH, observing the Sabbath on the original and scientifically proven fractal time pattern of the evolving process of the creation of the Universe, Isaachians are also acknowledging YHWH as the True Eternal King, not “Mithras,” and keeping the Covenants He made with us, as David, as Solomon, as YH[S]WH, did.

“For thus said YHWH Elohim, the Holy [ Whole ] One of Israel, “In returning [ upwards ] and rest you shall be saved [ sozoed ]; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Isa30:15

The Sabbath rest also strengthens us. It makes us stronger, in the sense that as we acknowledge, with a deep sense of ‘knowing’ beyond intellect, that the Infinite Uncreated Being is in charge of all aspects of the entire Creation, and that we are One with this Unfathomable Being, our Eternal Father, there is absolutely no reason for and nothing that can shake our True Core, one with the Uncreated One and with the Eternal Rock, YHWH Elohim.

“The law of YHWH is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of YHWH is sure, making wise the simple; the precepts of YHWH are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of YHWH is pure, enlightening the eyes; the fear [ reverence ] of YHWH is clean, enduring forever; the rules of YHWH are true, and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.” King David, Ps19

“The stupid man cannot know; the fool cannot understand this: that though the wicked sprout like grass and all evildoers flourish, they are doomed to destruction forever;” Ps92:6-8″ • In just a little while, Enoch’s 10 Weeks, they will be no more, but we are FOREVER.

“May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Sabbath on the Seventh Day is not pagan Mithra’s Sunday practiced by pagan-Christianity under the argument “Jesus” resurrected on Sunday, “The Lord’s Day.” The resurrection of YH[S]WH was on the Seventh Day, Sabbath [ Saturday ].

Hope Isaachians had a cosmogonically blessed One.

Have a brand new week!

The Uniqueness of the European Order

We learn from history that most previous leaders did not really learn from history, nor from the source of knowledge and wisdom …

“Grant me wisdom and knowledge, so that I may lead this people. For who is able to govern this great people of Yours?” King Solomon

Henry Kissinger
Reflections on the Character of Nations and the Course of History

“The history of most civilizations is a tale of the rise and fall of empires …

For five hundred years, Rome’s imperial rule had ensured a single set of laws, a common defense, and an extraordinary level of civilization. With the fall of Rome, conventionally dated in 476, the empire disintegrated. In what historians have called the Dark Ages, nostalgia for the lost universality flourished. The vision of harmony and unity focused increasingly on the Church. In that worldview, Christendom was a single society administered by two complementary authorities: civil government, the “successors of Caesar” maintaining order in the temporal sphere; and the Church, the successors of Peter tending to universal and absolute principles of salvation. Augustine of Hippo, writing in North Africa as Roman rule crumbled, theologically concluded that temporal political authority was legitimate to the extent that it furthered the pursuit of a God-fearing life and with it man’s salvation. “There are two systems,” Pope Gelasius I wrote to the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius in A.D. 494, “under which this world is governed, the sacred authority of the priests and the royal power. Of these, the greater weight is with the priests in so far as they will answer to the Lord, even for kings, in the Last Judgment.” The real world order was in this sense not in this world.

This all-encompassing concept of world order had to contend with an anomaly from the start: in the post–Roman Europe, dozens of political rulers exercised sovereignty with no clear hierarchy among them; all invoked fealty to Christ, but their link to the Church and its authority was ambiguous. Fierce debates attended the delineation of Church authority, while kingdoms with separate militaries and independent policies maneuvered for advantage in a manner that bore no apparent relationship to Augustine’s City of God.”

The “Church”, not in the true meaning of the word used by earlier followers of YH[S]WH, which is the Assembly of the People of the Kingdom of Israel [ not the Assemblies of God denomination, another ‘weed’ ], with “replacement theologies,” no legitimate Kingdom-of-Heaven-on-Earth worldview, misguided Europe and European descendant nations [ Isaachians ] on a scale historically so immense that even Protestants and other groups [ weeds, Matt13 ] free from the tyranny of the Roman Church are still lost, bewildered, in denial.

Martin Luther: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t9vugDybDI

If the “Roman Catholic” priesthood had been true to the Truth that the real world order was not in this world [ EK > IK > PK ], “On Earth as it is in Heaven”, they wouldn’t have ‘abolished’ the TaNaK+ [ Mat5:17-20; Psalm 119:160 ], and deliberately changed the legitimate statutes of the Eternal Kingdom, while also misusing the “New Testament” writings, taking them completely out-of-context, to create their false teachings and illegitimate systems of sin management, used to manipulate the crowds, as for instance, the selling of indulgences. Had the branch which grew with gentile pagan characteristics not departed from Hebrew roots and stayed faithful to the Eternal Truths, “Europeans” throughout world wouldn’t be so ‘unconscious’ about the Kingdom on Earth Vision, plan to rebuild the Davidic/Messianic Kingdom on Earth, the Legitimate Theocracy.

The european kingdoms with separate militaries, not only bore no apparent relationship to the illegitimate, untrue allegories, merely rationalized North African Augustin’s City of God vision [ Hosea8:1ESV ], they also had no resemblance to the patterns of the True Kingdom of Heaven’s Vision for Earth.

The NATO alliance brought some level of unity to Europe, in the sense that separate militaries from Isaachian Family of Nations, “brothers,” are not “killing each other” as they used to, like it would be in the case of an European Russian invasion of European Ukraine, with both nations being comprised mostly of Isaachians. But the separate Kingdom-of-Heaven-less governments without the legitimate, genuine “Otherworldly Order” and even the ‘secularized’ European Union with preamble similar to the U.S. Constitution — which is unconsciously partly equivalent to the Noahic Covenant with all living creatures, but not the Kingdom Covenants with Isaachians to establish the True Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — cannot produce the long-term legitimate World Order with the “real world order not of this world,” nor engender the Shalom [ peace as in wholeness, true order, cosmos, ] which only the True Kingdom of Heaven can make manifest on Earth.

“YHWH Elohim. YHWH Echad.” True Priesthood & Kingdom are One. Ps110. Legitimate Priesthood is the interface between the “Invisible Realm” and Kingdom on Earth. The early “church” split from Hebrew roots, True Kingdom Worldview, grew as a paganized gentile institution. The Great East–West Schism, after many little schisms, it’s also rooted on separation of the Earthly Center from the “Invisible Center” [ 1Ki12 ]. The “solution” is to make YHWH the Eternal King, in Truth, … rebuild the True Center on Earth. Is8:20; Ezk37:22

The European Nations and descendant European nations, Isaachian Nations promised to Abraham, have been replicating and amplifying the fractal pattern derived from 1 Kings 12 [ + v – ], deviation from Legitimate Center, governments according to the pattern of the Daniel 2 ‘beast’ [ Unconscious KWML without EK > IK > PK ], until we move Isaachians to the right side of the Daniel 2 process.

There has never been a better time in history for the conscious advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven’s Cause than the days we’re living, and the days that are yet to come, in the sense that the world is becoming more technologically interconnected. The potential for chaos and disorder increased, but also its opposite. The potential to undo the blinding lies that permeated the minds and hearts of Isaachians in regards to the Eternal Kingdom, to unite Isaachian Nations as One Kingdom with One System, which, beside being genuine to the Order of Heaven with all its repercussions, positive consequences and ramifications for the Earthly realm, which are exponentially greater, the simplification and reduction of cumbersome, over-bloated, ineffective systems of bureaucracy [ unenlightened and unordered SDi Yellow ] can re-ignite and unleash more of the creative ordering original nature of the True Kingdom designed for Earth, and in tune with the evolution of the Universe, which in a universal scale, Earth, is a mere small fractal pattern, but highly and meaningfully significant in the greater scheme of things — the embryo, with seeds for the population of the entire Evolving Universe.

The Kingdom is designed to produce a cosmos, extraordinary level of civilization, balancedly integrated with the whole of reality, which has never existed before. The most important element is the Center with high concentration of the Quantum Uncreated Undifferentiated Light, which permeates and penetrates all the inner-spaces of creation, in different degrees of exposure and expression, the Original Substance and Creative Source of Universal Order — I AM, or as YH[S]WH, Eternal King of the Kings of kings, called “Father,” the primal unitive King Energy.

We learn from history that if our predecessors had learned from history, they would have prioritized, recreated, the Legitimate Kingdom Center for the Quantum Presence of the NAME and Uncreated Undifferentiated Light, as part of intelligent, consciously loyal, reverently willing obedience to the command of our Eternal King: “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, …” Matt6:33

The True Kingdom Sacred Center from which the legitimate Kingdom’s Creative Ordering Laws, evolving on its foundation, can be upheld and increased.

Matthew 13

The best is yet to come …

Kingdom and Covenants:

/ ↑ \ “The days are coming … I will raise up for David a righteous Branch, a King who will reign wisely and do what is just and right on earth … Judah will be sozoed, [ Israeli Nations ] will live in shalom. He’ll be called: YHWH is our Righteousness.” J23;33

“I will make them one Kingdom on Earth on the mountains of Israel …” Ezekiel 37

The 1st Thanksgiving Proclamation | 1789

On this Thanksgiving Day [ untrue Gregorian Calendar Pattern ] observed in Manasseh since 1789, while revisiting the words of George Washington written for the First Thanksgiving Proclamation, I’m reminded of the intention in the hearts of the founders of the United States of America, to be willingly obedient to the Supreme Being, to be grateful for all He’s done and provided for us.

While pausing to observe this day set apart to be thankful to our Creator and Ruler, I hope Isaachians in America, as well as in the other Sister Nations influenced by the United States, will reflect deeply enough on the gift of freedom granted by our Creator, and on the responsibility we have before the Almighty Being, to develop our Nations to the level of maturity in which the words “to obey His will,” as enunciated in Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, becomes true in the reality of Isaachian Nations and of the whole world.

We’re aware the co-founders [ YHWH is the founder; Jeremiah 18:7-10 ] of our Nations’ knowledge of the True Kingdom on Earth were marred by the infiltration of enemy’s philosophies, teachings, traditions, ways, … such as the North African Augustine’s [ Ho8:1ESV ], contrary to the government for the True Kingdom on Earth [ Matthew 13:28 ], affecting their ability to institute governing leadership centers consciously congruent with the Will of Heaven for Earth, causing the temporary reduction of true freedom, which is a byproduct of Unity with the Uncreated One, including the free-willingness to work in unison with the Everlasting Father and King to build the Creative Ordering Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven — Axis Mundi, Imago Mundi.

Bringing to the forefront of our minds the words of the Eternal King Himself [ YH[S]WH ], the incarnated Living Torah, we know that honoring, worshiping our Creator and Ruler, is not separate from obeying His Kingdom’s commandments for Isaachians and world. Observing mere traditions set by mankind while disregarding the Kingdom’s statutes, precepts, … set in place by YHWH, doesn’t consist and constitute true devotion, reverence, worship, adoration. [ Jn 14:15 ]

In conjunction with our integrity, this awareness also elicits the wholehearted and mindful involvement on the progress of restoring the knowledge of the True Kingdom and to move forward on the process of rebuilding it on Earth. A process in which we are actively engaged, in order to transpose our Isaachian Nations’ leadership centers from the [ + v – ] “feet of the Daniel 2 statue pattern” to the / ↑ \ True Kingdom of Heaven on Earth pattern and reality.

‘These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They worship Me in vain; they teach as doctrine the precepts of mere humans.’ You have disregarded the commandment of God to keep the tradition of mere humans.” He went on to say, “You neatly set aside the command of God to maintain your own tradition. … Thus you nullify the word of God by the tradition you have handed down. And you do so in many such matters.” [ Mark 7 ]

Therefore, let us be thankful to the Eternal King, Creator and Ruler of the Universe, for His mercy in not completely consuming the Isaachian Nations, our people, due to deviation from keeping the Kingdom’s Covenants in [dis]order to follow merely rationalized and fanatical Kingdom-of-Heaven-less ways [ Lev 26:21; 1 Cor 3:15 ]. Let us also be thankful for His instructions [ TaNaK+ ], and for disciplining our Nations from His everlasting Agape, in order to produced the fruit of righteousness so we can exercise our Higher Calling and purpose to lead the world on the True Kingdom Path of Righteousness — to be the True Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

“Give thanks to YH YHWH, for He is good, for His steadfast agape endures forever … Give thanks to the Creator and King of Heaven, for His steadfast agape endures forever.”
King David [ Psalm 136 ]

Happy Thanksgiving observation with family and friends, and wishing all Isaachians a smooth journey back to Ultimate Reality and Centrality of the Kingdom.



Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789

By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor — and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be — That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks —for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation — for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his Providence which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war — for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed — for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted — for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.

and also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions — to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually — to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed — to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord — To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease of science among them and us — and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.

Go: Washington

Washington issued a proclamation on October 3, 1789, designating Thursday, November 26 as a national day of thanks. In his proclamation, Washington declared that the necessity for such a day sprung from the Almighty’s care of Americans prior to the Revolution, assistance to them in achieving independence, and help in establishing the constitutional government.

Rosh Chodesh Av 2021 / 5781

Rosh Chodesh Av 2021 / רֹאשׁ חוֹדֶשׁ אָב 5781
[ Friday Evening, July 9, 2021 ]
5th month of the Hebrew Ecclesiastical Year, 11th month of the Civil Year

Av [ אָב‎ ] = “Father” KWM[L]
Abba [ אבא ] in Aramaic

On this month, both Temples, centerpiece of the Kingdom on Earth [ Ps27:4 ], were destroyed and many other tragedies occurred, but our Heavenly Father comforts Israel. [ Lk19:41-44 ]

” … One thing have I asked of the LORD [ the primary, most predominant desire, ] that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty, perfection, of the LORD and to inquire in His temple. …” King David

“And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for Shalom [ Wholeness; Righteousness; … ]! But now they are hidden from your eyes. For the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up a barricade around you and surround you and hem you in on every side and tear you down to the ground, you and your children within you. And they will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.” YH[S]WH, David’s Son | Luke 19:41-44

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will hold me close.” King David | Psalm 29:10

“[ Abba ] Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” YH[S]WH | Luke 23:46

Eternal Davidic Covenant: “… I will be his Father, and he will be my son. If he does wrong, I will correct and discipline him, … but my steadfast love will never be taken away from him. …” 2 Samuel 7

“For to us … a Son is given, and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His NAME will be called: Wonderful Counselor [ M ], Mighty God [ K ], Everlasting Father [ L ], Prince of Peace. [ W ].” Isaiah 9:6

Also on this Hebrew month, one of the happiest days for Israelites: mini-holiday of Tu B’Av | 15th of Av | Marking the beginning of the grape harvest, the day designated as the Day of Love. Israel’s Holiday of Romance, also in line with the Lover archetype of the KWM[L] functions based on Original Design, soul and creations’ patterns.

“… Behold, you are beautiful, my love,
    behold, you are beautiful!
Your eyes are doves
    behind your veil. …
Your lips are like a scarlet thread,
    and your mouth is lovely.
Your cheeks are like halves of a pomegranate
    behind your veil. …”

Songs of King Solomon

/ ↑ \

For there is a rose
    and there is a Rose.
As a rose among thorns,
    tinged with red and white,
        judgment and mercy,
    with thirteen petals,
    so is my beloved
    among other nations.

Jerusalem, built by Elohim,
    once adorned with holy ornaments,
        most precious stones,
    quintessence of beauty,
    fit for an excellent king,
        ruler of the world,
    who shall sozo you?
The Supernal Light
    which enlivens all things
    shall restore your greatness.

The Letter of the Covenant,
    now concealed,
        as the Light concealed Above,
        the Light within the Covenant,
    it shall exist within you.
You’ll be fruitful again,
    but not until you say:
        “Blessed is He who comes
        in the Name of YHWH.”

Not until the war is won,
    darkness swallowed up by Light,
    will you again be righteous and bright.
Remember the secret:
    “I will raise a cup of salvation,
    it is the cup of blessing.”
The promises made to the offspring of Isaac,
    literally and throughly fulfilled.