The Prince/King’s Queen/Princesses

Multidimensional Multifaceted “Climate Change”, Enoch LXXX 2-8

“Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea [ mere waters, Rev17:15, unlike Rev21:6 ] was no more. And I saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Rev21-22

King David, marrying the “Twelve Tribes” wasn’t just mere politics. 1Chrn14:3. “Marrying the land …” [ “HeartMath+” with Eternal Kingdom of Heaven, for those who don’t understand interconnectedness of all things, at different quantum levels, degrees. ]

The King and Kingdom Center serves as a Microcosm of the Macrocosm Creation [ Heaven and Earth ] “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

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“… I gave you your master’s house and your master’s [ previous king’s, Saul’s ] wives into your arms and gave you the House of Israel and of Judah. And if this were too little, I would add to you as much more.” 2Sam12:8 • Centered growth.

King Solomon understood the wisdom of doing so, of marrying the princesses, the multidimentional multifaceted dynamics, for more than just mere political reasons. But “mere human wisdom” got in Solomon’s way of the relationship with YHWH, he went beyond YHWH’s “enlightened, wise, true, principles, commandments,” in terms of doing what disconnects from the “Root.” Not to be repeated, as Judah’s Shua relationship with the Canaanite is also not to be repeated. [ Non-Covenanted Isaachians: Ezra9-10; Nhm13:23-30 ]

How The Mighty Fall [ ]

We have to rebuild the True Kingdom on Earth.

Like intentional “soul-work” has to be done, not mere intellectual knowledge about it, as many talk about the Sacred Scriptures but don’t live it, the work to build the Kingdom has to be done, the work to move Isaachian Nations from “feet of Dan2 Statue” [ + v – ] to “Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.” / ↑ \.

“It is the glory of Elohim to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” Prv25:2

The Covenanted Isaachian, a maturing Wise-Prince [ King, ] growing on the / ↑ \ Eternal Kingdom of Heaven’s direction, also shows “The Way”, Truthful Meaning, as exemplified in the Book of Proverbs, to the Isaachian Nations, princesses [ queens ] whom he chooses to do so.

He shares the “Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven,” Matt13:11, with those who are not foolish enough, but with boundaries, cultivating the “interior Garden of Eden,” are wisely “open” to let in what must be kept in, to take out what needs to be kept out. Wise enough to use the free-will to “seek first”, Mtt6:33, the “Right Treasure”, Mtt13:44-45, …

[ ✡︎Ps45 ß4卍 ] SS3:1-5, Jrm29:13, …

The Bride’s Dream:

On my bed by night
   I sought him whom my soul loves;
      I sought him, but found him not.
I will rise now and go about the city,
      in the streets and in the squares;
   I will seek him whom my soul loves.
      I sought him, but found him not.
The watchmen found me
      as they went about in the city.
   “Have you seen him whom my soul loves?”

With those who are ready for more than mere [ + v – ] “skin on skin,” [ ], not deceived by mere fleeting shadows, by the “visible things only.” The ones who make an Eternal Covenant with YHWH [ Unlike: “She forgets the Covenant of her Elohim.” Prov2:17 ]. Those who willingly do the “soul work” to grow as a wise-queen, fit for the Prince/King.

“Do not reprove a scoffer, or that person will hate you; reprove a wise person, and that person will love [ respect ] you. Give instruction to a wise person, and that person will be still wiser; teach a righteous person, and that person will increase in learning. The fear [ reverence ] of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” Proverbs 9:7-10

He also shows The Way to tested allied nations. 1Ki10LXX.

“The Kingdom of Heaven will be like ten virgins … Five of them were foolish and five were wise …” Matt25:1-13

The Prince, Wise-King with “the heart of David,” with the growing “Wisdom and Knowledge of King Solomon”, in other words, of the Eternal Father King, YHWH, David/Solomon’s True Father, “My Father”, [ 1Chr22:10; 28:6 ], “paints the picture” of the Sacred City of the Wise King, City of Righteousness, and explains the character of the wise and queenly soul of Mount Zion, True JeruSalem City, to his princesses, Isaachian Nations.

As an Isaachian Daughter of YHWH, a City Queen, as the King, she “belongs” to YHWH Elohim, and she belongs to the king like Lady Wisdom, Prov8-9, belongs to the Holy One.

Microcosm of the Macrocosm

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“… Mount Zion, in the far north,
   the city of the great King. …
Within her citadels YHWH,
   has made HimSelf known as a fortress …
Walk about Zion, go around her,
   number her towers,
consider well her ramparts,
   go through her citadels,
   that you may tell the next generation
      that this is YHWH,
   our Elohim forever and ever.
      He will guide us forever.” Ps48

There’s David, there are Sauls, Ahabs, …
   there are Daniels,
   there are king Nebuchadnezzars,
   there are bipolar politicians of the “beast” …

The Princess is not a “Daniela,” nor bipolar politicians who can’t see beyond the bipolar dynamics [ + v – ], like “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost, without the Worldview/Vision for the / ↑ \ Davidic/Messianic Kingdom connected to the perpetuity of Earth.

Faithful to the “as in Heaven [ YX ], so on Earth, [ xx ],” the soul of City on Earth, one with the Heavens, mirrors, complements the “Heavens.”

Faithful to her original feminine and queenly aspects which were taken away [ Genesis 2:21 ] from the soul and body of the Son of YHWH to make a Daughter of YHWH, compatible with the Kingly soul of the Prince [ King ], she also does her side of soul work to bring Earth into deeper union with the Heavens.

Faithful to YHWH’s Kingdom Cause, she works with the Prince-King as Lady Wisdom works with YHWH to Create the Universe [ the Heavens and the Earth ].

“… then I was beside him, like a master architect, and I was daily his delight, rejoicing before him always, …” Lady Wisdom, Prv8:30

Touched by Spirit/Light, understanding the Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven, she does her part of soul work, EQ>IQ to build and to be the King’s PQ.

For there is Water, there is water, and there is water.
For there is Wine, there is wine, and there is wine.

“… Your our eyes are wells of light, deep with mystery. Quintessentially feminine! …” SS7:4MSG [ Your eyes are like the pools in Heshbon ]

Glimpsis of wisdom, knowledge, understanding: [ YHWH’s Son, David’s Son ] King Solomon’s multimeaningful, but “centered”, Kingdom Proverbs 9:1-6, describing a Wise companion for the Prince/King:

Wisdom has built her house;
She’s done her work to be a House/Temple/City/Nation fitful for the King;

she has hewn her seven pillars.
Unlike “crude matter,” she has done, is doing, her soul work, her seven days of creation, the seven heavens, the seven notes, … and her Seventh Day,  “Sabbath”, is Enlightened, reflecting Wholeness, “Shalom,” … The Creative Ordering Pattern, Union with the Uncreated One, with YHWH, not mere unenlightened duty, blind obedience to a commandment without being part of the Living and Breathing Universe, the “Living Being,” the Living Principle. She loves YHWH, YHSWH, she learns the TaNaK+, the Kingdom Worldview, Vision, the Laws and the Legends [ Is8:20 ].

She has slaughtered her beasts;
Her soul patterns on Malchut level, QWML energies, more clearly defined at her base, Malchut, with emphasis on the more feminine aspects, on the more earthly, “Nature,” elemental patterns of creation, [ “the enlightened darkness, Gen1:1-5; Ps136:8-9” ] mirrors and complements the King’s KWML — the Pyramid with Pyramids of the King, instance of YHWH, from Above, as the Son, from the Light, with more emphasis on the Heavenly side of Creation. // Unlike a wild, undeveloped, unpolished woman, her “beastly energies”, “the dragons”, have been ‘sacrificed’, ‘crucified,’ no longer self-serving, or serving false centers of patterns. Not “supressed,” but dedicated, offered as a “living sacrifice” to the multidimentional multifaceted Kingdom Center, to the Kingdom Cause. // As a “Kingdom of Heaven” Princess/Queen, her name is no longer Sarai, but Sarah — dedicated to the Eternal Purpose, for the Eternal City/Nation, destined to receive Greater Light from the King. She is destined to be a channel, a container, to continue to “give birth” to the Eternal Kingdom on Earth, to Abraham’s “Isaac/Jacob.” // Crucified to the flesh, touched by the Spirit/Light, her feminine energies now Radiating Life, are consacrated to the Higher Service of the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. In turn for wisely “slaughtering her beasts”, no longer blindly serving the flesh, “Egypt”, they are also “resurrected, repurposed to Eternal Life,” Lk9:24, Jhn5:24, 6:27. [ ]

She has mixed her wine;
Her “life-blood,” xx, has been mixed with the “Life-Blood,” YX, of the King.

She has also set her table.
She is ready to serve the “meal.”

She has sent out her young women to call from the highest places in the town, “Whoever is simple [ without insight, wisdom, knowledge, understanding ] let him turn in here!” To him who lacks sense she says, “Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have “mixed.” Leave your simple ways, and live, and walk in the way of insight.”
She is now ready to co-lead, to mentor, to develop other Kingdom Cities, to grow Isaachian Nations, daughters of Zion, daughters of Sarah, together with the King, for the Kingdom of Heaven. She has the Bread of Truth, she has the Wine of Life. She knows the Way to Eternal Life.

She has left “Egypt”. She has left the House of Laban. She has left Palti. She has left Nabal. She has left false open or false closed blues, or other closed centers of patterns, … She has left … her “five husbands”, Jhn4:16, Dan2 “bipolar governments,” … for the Eternal Kingdom.

She doesn’t serve mere temporary kingdoms destined to pass away [ + v – ], Nimrod’s “Phallus,” Mithra’s “Sunday/Easter/Christmas”, … Together with the King, she serves YHWH, YH[S]WH, the Eternal King of the Kings of kings, the “True Sabbath/Passover/Feast of Trumpets [ Yhswh’s True Birthday ]” with / ↑ \ Eternal Principles for Eternal Creative Ordering Life.

She pours out her life to become a Princess/Queen, a Footstool of the Eternal Kingdom on Earth, an Eternal King’s City, an Eternal Daughter of Zion, loyally [ covenanted love ] serving her King, to advance the True Kingdom Cause. Jhn12:1-3; 1Sam25:41

“… by Heaven, for it is the Throne of YHWH, or by the Earth, for it is His footstool, or by JeruSalem, for it is the City of the Great King.” King of the Kings of kings, Matt5:34-35

The Queen, Mount Zion, the True “JeruSalem,” delights the King. She is His delight.

Isaachian Nations, princesses, not choosing to be Rahabs, Jezebels, “The Way of Folly”, … but Sarahs, transformed Sarah’s daughters, daughters of Zion, those who are still unenlightened, uningsightful, untouched by Light/Spirit of Truth, serving the “wrong, false kings,” directionless, purposeless, meaningless husbands, …

“Give me a drink.” E.K., Jhn4:7.

At the entry level, those free-willingly choosing do so, to give “water,” can be ready to receive “Eternal Water,” to be touched by Light/Spirit, to learn and internalize Truth, to start on the Path of Eternal Life, on the Eternal Kingdom Journey.

“… Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear:
   forget your people and your father’s house,
      and the king will desire your beauty.
   Since he is your lord, bow to him.
      The people of Tyre will seek your favor with gifts,
         the richest of the people.
All glorious is the princess in her chamber,
   with robes interwoven with gold.
      In many-colored robes she is led to the king,
    with her virgin companions following behind her.
With joy and gladness they are led along
    as they enter the palace of the king.
In place of your fathers shall be your sons;
   you will make them princes in all the earth.
I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations;
   therefore nations will praise you forever and ever.

✡︎Ps45 ß4卍

“Wisdom greater than Solomon is here.” YHSWH, Eternal King of the Kings of kings

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27 Sh’vat 5783

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“Blessed be YHWH, Eternal King of Israel, who made Heaven & Earth, who has given King David a wise son, who has insight, understanding, who will build a temple for YHWH and a royal palace for himself.” 2Chr2:12; 2Chr2:1; 2Chr1:8-12; 2Sm5:12; 1Chr14:3; Prv8 | EK>IK>PK

“… I will make them One Kingdom on Earth on the mountains of Israel … Judah will be sozoed, Israeli Nations will dwell in Shalom/Wholeness …”

• NW Intermediate Center; Ezk37
• Final Main Center; Rev21-22

Devekut: Jn10:30; Jn17:21; 2Sm23:2; Is9:6

Mtt7:6; 15:24