United Kingdom’s Sovereignty

The United Kingdom cannot fulfill its full identity based potential, retaining with equanimity their own truth and reality, unless obtaining a complete sense of national sovereignty [ economical, political, social, … — complete freedom. ] The longing for the nationals’ sovereignty [ under the ultimate sovereignty of the Creator, of course, ] implies that the nation hopes for a better future beyond the current “stagnation” within the EU, and is willing to pursue a path where, long-term wise, it can become freer, whole, stronger from within [ ∆. ] Consequently, able to share the benefits of much better interdependence with other European nations, and beyond. From within, all nationals willing to go through the temporary discomfort that is part of individual and collective growing evolutionary process, must support the Brexit effort. From without, all other nations aspiring to grow and to share in a better world that includes a freer and stronger United Kingdom must stand with the UK and actively support the restoration of the nation’s right to sovereignty. America’s support to Britain’s freedom is directly related to America and other nations’ freedom. Freedom in any part of the world leads to and influences freedom everywhere else. Supporting this endeavor is a moral obligation of any and everyone with a noble sense of responsibility for a better world. The Omnipotent and Omnipresent Eternal King is sovereign over the Earth, yet He doesn’t deny a nation’s exercise of its freedom. Political and economic freedom are interconnected. The idea that political freedom can be preserved without economic freedom, and vice versa, is illusionary.