Genuine Authority Is Not Authoritarianism

Authentic leaders exercise their authority to empower others; firmness is tempered with compassion. Without the leadership of legitimate wise-kings [ with healthy inner kings connected to the Invisible/Sacred King, ] the hero/warrior energy in a culture becomes self-destructive.

Young heroes/warriors who’ve experienced destructive leaders, if committed to wholeness, will have to spend precious time/energy restoring internal/external damage. That golden time/energy could have been spent building the “Eternal Kingdom,” which encompasses the healthy growth, maturity and glory of all the nations.

Whole: “. . . containing all the elements properly belonging; complete; undivided; in one piece; . . . pertaining to all aspects of human nature, especially one’s physical, intellectual, and spiritual development.”

Young individuals who’ve been affected by destructive leaders will also have to take responsibility to repair their ability to reconnect with older wise-kings and sages, as they reclaim their connection to the Eternal/Solar King. Otherwise, they may end up becoming exactly like the malevolent individuals who’ve affected them negatively during the fundamentally important stages of their growth process.

When one shines brightly, it doesn’t mean another can’t shine. One’s greatness and glory doesn’t diminish the splendor of another. When one becomes magnificent, that one is overtly and subliminally giving permission to others to pursue their own greatness.

Ronald Reagan put some of his thoughts into words in regards to this concept when referring to the USA: “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” | “… The eyes of the people are upon us.” — Kennedy

Many times, insecure leaders are not encouraging and nurturing of the ‘shining’ and growth of their own self and of others, under the disguise of false humility. Young individuals are doing right for themselves and for the ‘greater whole’ when making the decision to distance themselves from unhealthy leadership and from places and alliances that attack, discourage or do not support their multidimensional growth.

The King archetype in its fullness possesses the qualities of order, of reasonable and rational patterning, of integration and integrity in the masculine psyche. It stabilizes chaotic emotion and out-of-control behaviors. It gives stability and centeredness. It brings calm. And in its “fertilizing” and centeredness, it mediates vitality, life-force, and joy. It brings maintenance and balance. It defends our own sense of inner order, our own integrity of being and of purpose, our own central calmness about who we are, and our essential unassailability and certainty in our masculine identity. It looks upon the world with a firm but kindly eye. It sees others in all their weakness and in all their talent and worth. It honors them and promotes them. It guides them and nurtures them toward their own fullness of being. It is not envious, because it is secure, as the King, in its own worth. It rewards and encourages creativity in us and in others. …

This is the voice that affirms, clearly and calmly and with authority, the human rights of all. This is the energy that minimizes punishment and maximizes praise. This is the voice from the Center, the Primeval Hill within every man.

Moore, Robert. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

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