The movement toward liberation from the oppression of false traditions, false religions, … is NOT a final destination for Isaachian Nations.

For instance, the freedom to protest the LIES and tyranny of Catholicism [ Iranian-Mithraism ], which led many Isaachians to completely abandon the false ‘gods’ of rationalized and fanitisized LYING “Sunday” xxxianity [ Catholics, Orthodoxes, Denominations, Non-Ds ], the level of “freedom” which came with the feet-of-the-best level of government approximately 90% do not trust, due to its inability to solve significant problems [ E.g., Climate Change; Land Degradation; … ], is the same which enables many Isaachians to continue the pursuit of Enlightenment, TRUTH, … which leads back to the True Eternal Kingdom, YHWH, whose Sacred Texts, Laws, Statutes, were perverted and misused by xxxtianity, in their religious SCAMS, FRAUDS [ Temporarily allowed by the Kingdom of Heaven, with a deadline; Dan8:8,14 ]

Temporarily allowed, but with consequences. The xxxtian GOATS, scammers, fraudsters, … will be held accountable for their religious scams, FRAUDS, together with LYING false political leaders like Trump, Biden, … Mtt7:21-23; Mtt25:32-33

However, the level of misguided “freedom” on the feet-of-the-best level without the Creative Ordering Center also has many side-effects, but not as bad as the side-effects of false religions, e.g., FAT, heart-diseased xxxianity … As Isaachians arrive at the understanding of the difference between misguided freedom, and with the realization that there are negative consequences on that level of the feet-of-the-best as well, comes the Milestone of dissolving the xxxtian GOV BEAST completely, of PURGING Isaachian Nations from the lies, cancers, of heart-diseased xxxianity and other false religions, traditions, … AND then, from a place of “freedom”, with a sense of responsibility for Earth, to join YHWH on the process of rebuilding the True Creative Ordering Center on Earth “as in Heaven”, abiding by the True Principles of the Kingdom of Heaven, Order of the Universe for Earth.

NWC Phase and MC Phase.

Muslim Arab-Nations, “Cancer”, at the heart of Earth.