YELLOW and yellow

Few highlights contrasting unenlightened yellow [ + ◉ – ] ▼ with Enlightened Yellow part of Kingdom of Light, ✡ 卍 [ △▽ □ ↻]

On Three Dimensions:
Light/Spirit: Eternal
Soul: Internal
Body: Physical World
“As in Heaven, on Earth” ✡ △▽

The Four Faces of Ezekiel 1

The main patterns of Isaiah 9:6

From SuperMind, White-Life-Light, Overarching Kingdom Worldview, we don’t see life as a chaotic organism, like the “random evolution” theorists, for example. We see it as it is, Orchestrated Evolution, per Intelligent Fractal Patterns, Principles of the Eternal Life-Light.

Chaos on Earth, for example, are the making of free-will beings disconnected from Creative Ordering Light, YX, Father-King, YHWH, Root, who’ve turned away from the Path of Righteousness, Integrated Original Creative Ordering Blue Center, one with the whole, with the Beginning, Foundation, one with the Future, Goal, Outcome of the Creative Ordering Process — Earth from Genesis to Revelation, for instance.

37 x 73 = △ 2701 [ Genesis 1:1 ]
64 Pre-9.11.3BC Books + 27 Post = 73

“I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Rev22:13

Unlike unenlightened yellow mere integration of “head, heart and gut feeling,” we are One with the Creative Ordering Source, and instead of mere action from freedom to “think and and act from an inner-directed core [ IK>PK ], Mtt6:33, we seek to think and to act from Union with extrapersonal directed core [ Eternal Center, YHWH, … EK>IK>PK ]

We have an instance of the Extrapersonal Core within us. Thus, we are Sons of YHWH. Jhn10:30

“I AM in the Father and the Father is in me;” Jhn14:11

Acts13:22, “a man after the heart of the Eternal Father-King, who is wise and mature enough to use free-will to serve and to obey the Perfect Will of the All-Wise OmniScient One.” “… for the Father [ Uncreated Life-Light, YHWH, Root ] is greater than I.” Jhn14:28; 10:30

How do you recognize the absence of Enlightened Yellow?

E.g., Washington, stuck with a false blue system, blind, disoriented, disorganized, unenlightened mere rationalization, fanaticized and fantasized fragmented yellow patterns from below, totally unaware of Overarching Kingdom of Heaven’s Worldview, Reality, Vision, Path, Patterns, Process, Truth, Direction, …

E.g. The dellusion of trying to solve climate change with fragmented untrue laws, fragmented unenlightened science only.

Unlike unenlightened yellow “experience of freedom and change as a constant,” in which “today, all may be all right, but tomorrow everything needs to change,” Enlightened Yellow’s changes, “innovation,” are coherent with the Creative Ordering Evolution. It is consistent with the Unchanging Eternal Foundation.

E.g., Sabbath is Eternal, part of the Original Unchanging Patterns of Creative Ordered Evolution, upon which change, progress, is built, on top of the Original Foundation, “Eternal Rock,” unlike unenlightened yellow houses built on sand.

E.g., The “Evolutionary Phase” of the unfolding of the True Kingdom on Earth process, the appearing and incarnation of YHSWH, His Naming, the unfolding of His work, revelations contained in the Post 9.11.3BC Books [ 27 NTBs ], etc, are all consistent with the Revelation in the 46 OTBs; Rom3:31.

E.g., Sand-house Catholicism, disconnected and untrue to Eternal Root, Rock, changed the Eternal Original Principles, Patterns, … and all the changes made by the “YHWH-less”, “Kingdom-of-Heaven-less” splits and fragmentations that gave birth to the daughters of the “false church Mother Whore” are mere sand-houses, destined to be eliminated FOREVER, Mtt15:13.

Unenlightened Yellow: Organize work based on values instead of based on goals.

/ ↑ \ Goals are part of the organization of Enlightened Yellow, One with the Creative Ordering Process from Above. E.g., the Goal of the 10,000 Years Corrective and Creative Ordering Process on Earth is to build an Eternal Center “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” unlike mere castles-in-the-air, for the Legitimate Kingdom/Priesthood destined to govern the Earth.

Unenlightened Yellow refuses labels.
See how the KWML patterns are correctly LABELED.
Innovation is fully compatible with Labeling.
True Creative Ordering Evolution, Innovation, also uses LABELS.
YHWH is an Eternal Living Creative Ordering “LABEL”, Living and Breathing Structure upon which Evolutionary Creation happens.
To change Abram’s destiny, bringing it into alignment with YHWH’s Reality, Plans, Goals, … father Abram was “relabled” as Abraham.
But unlike the rigidity of false or unenlightened closed blue, the Creative Ordering Process is open to contingencies within Overarching Higher Level Fixed Framework, Processes, … in order to achieve Overarching Intended Outcome.

It has a clear concept of the Future, e.g., Rev21-22 New Jerusalem, per Original Principles, Patterns, … Rev11:19, consistent with the Root, Universal Creative Ordering Patterns.

Isaachians: 12² | 777,600,000² | 1.6B | 20/80

“It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed — … And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.” Revelation 21:12,14

Unenlightened Yellow: “Critical, curious without judging and keep asking questions.” From the Light, Supermind: Critical, Curious and Righteous Judgment. [ E.g. “My judgment is not my own …” YHSWH ]

“You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one. Yet even if I do judge, my judgment is true, for it is not I alone who judge, but I and the Father [ EK>IK>PK ] who sent me.” Jhn8:15-16

Enlightened Yellow also receives “ideas” intuitively, from the Creatively Ordering Light, consistent with Root, Foundation, … True Past, Present, Future.

Unlike unenlightened Yellows who “Get bogged down in complex analysis. Builds castles in the air; inventing beautiful futuristic solutions, which are not pragmatic. Not able to finish something because there’s always something new that requires attention. Everything is criticized and made more complex instead of doing what actually needs to be done. At times, Yellow may seem cold and distant as it sometimes forgets to connect to people (because of its enthusiasm).”

The analysis of complex patterns with Enlightened Yellow, highlights “simplicity” in the patterns [ e.g. description: ]. Instead of building castles in the air, the ideas are “practical”. It innovates and builds on an existing Eternal Foundation, to “FINISH” that which is absolutely True, Real, and Eternal, e.g., from Genesis to Revelation.

The complex analysis that sees the “simplicity” of real patterns leads to action focused on what really needs to be done. For example, the analysis of the “beasts” in Light of True Eternal Kingdom of Heaven patterns highlights what must be done correctly, unlike those with blind mere actions or inactivity.

Enlightened Yellow also feels One with the whole, connected to the Uncreated Life-Light and Creation, at different degrees and levels, of course.

Integrated [ Purple ]
Enlightened Yellow have feelings for “True Traditions”, not false traditions, Mrk7:6-9,13
It clarifies and leads to [20]/80 correct and focused action, instead of ▼80% action, mere unenlightened business, activities, with little results. E.g. Restoring Truth in a few decades, vs., false churches, mere activities which have not restored truth in hundreds of years of false “freedom of religion.”

Integrated [ Red ]
Enlightened Yellow “Listens to the Life-Light, … Visioneers, idealizes, studies, strategizes, selects, strikes.”

Integrated [ Blue ]
Enlightened Yellow incorporates discipline, and disciplined and principled “change”, innovation, compatible with Foundation, Overarching Direction, True Creative Ordering Path.

Integrated [ Orange ]
Enlightened Yellow connections are consistent with Foundational Overarching Patterns, scientifically verifiable, validated, practical.

Integrated [ Green ]
Enlightened Yellow is one with the Whole, but from Above, deeper than “mere unenlightened green” waters. One with the whole at different degrees and levels. “YHWH Elohim. YHWH Echad.” E.g. [20]/80 Pyramid

. . .

Enlightened Yellow, One with White-Life-Light, is critical in a healthy, sharp, open-minded, and constructive way. Destructive [ Enlightened Red ] when appropriate. The Enlightened Warrior destroys what must be destroyed.

One with Uncreated Life-Light.
One with the Eternal Kingdom and Cause.

Imagination is not more important than knowledge. One with Source of True Imagination, it is also one with True Knowledge. Unlike, Ho4:6, Ezk13.

Unlike unenlightened yellow’s value system, “There are no facts,” for Enlightened Yellow, “There are facts.”

Unenlightened Yellow is Axisless, YX, YHWH-less. Jhn17:6,[26]

False YHWH-less governing center, Kingdom-of-Heaven-less misleading labels: