Full Moon | Hortus Conclusus

Monday, August 7, 2017

Illuminated and dazzling
Behold how tonight She is
Receiving photons from the Sun
Like a bride enjoying a kiss

Displaying Her beautiful form
After yesterday’s wild storm
Tonight as one of the tastiest cocktails
Classily unveiling Her surface’s details

Glamorous, adoring and captivating
The resplendently ravishing Full Moon
Displaying Her alluring circumference
Mesmerizing sight for Her Groom

In the enclosure of a walled garden
We strengthen our souls
Who we really are
Learning to love blades of grass
The Universe’s Maker
And each and every Star

When we are truly in love
Our world’s naturally energized
The King, Warrior, Magician and Lover
Adding order and passion to the civilized

// GR

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No one can successfully play
The Eternal King’s role in our world
No One’s as Great as He is
Regardless of what we’ve been told

Earthly Kings can only be Great
When in sync with the Immortal One
Eternal destiny over fate
Completing the work that He has began

Hortus Conclusus
Where the Immortal enters the heart
Life, more than mere existence
Consolidating identity, our eternal part

Trusting, bonding with Nature
In a peculiarly different way
Working on what lasts forever
In a manner words can convey

To Eternity, we only take who we are
What we do here reflects the Everlasting
If we do it from the same Heart
Matter stays renewing itself
We gladly proceed to a brand-new start

// GR

Accessing The King

“The first task in accessing the King energy for would-be human “kings” is to disidentify our Egos from it. We need to achieve what psychologists call cognitive distance from the King in both his integrated fullness and his split bipolar shadow forms. Realistic greatness in adult life, as opposed to inflation and grandiosity, involves recognizing our proper relationship to this and the other mature masculine energies. That proper relationship is like that of a planet to the star it is orbiting. The planet is not the center of the star system; the star is. The planet’s job is to keep the proper orbital distance from the life-giving, but also potentially death-dealing, star so as to enhance its own life and well-being. The planet derives its life from the star, so it has a transpersonal object in the star for “adoration.” Or, to use another image, the Ego of the mature man needs to think of itself—no matter what status or power it has temporarily achieved—as the servant of a transpersonal Will, or Cause.”

Robert Moore | KWML