An American Hero

John McCain, 80, recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, is a great example of what it is to be a true patriot a lover of his nation. A man who doesn’t have deep affection for anything, who’s life is not surrendered to a cause greater than himself, is an unfortunate soul. John is a brave maverick who, as a prisoner of war, courageously endured five and a half years of excruciating hardship in the hands of the enemies of liberty in Vietnam. Worse than what he had to go through is to be similarly deprived of liberty and mistreated by one’s own, when they choose to take side with wickedness and punish the godly. McCain, an American hero, has devotedly served America, the cause of freedom, for almost his entire life.

“Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.” ― John McCain, Faith of My Fathers

“Ironically for someone who had so long asserted his own individuality as his first and best defense against insults of any kind, I discovered that faith in myself proved to be the least formidable strength I possessed when confronting alone organized inhumanity on a greater scale than I had conceived possible. Faith in myself was important, and remains important to my self-esteem. But I discovered in prison that faith in myself alone, separate from other, more important allegiances, was ultimately no match for the cruelty that human beings could devise when they were entirely unencumbered by respect for the God given dignity of man. This is the lesson I learned in prison. It is, perhaps, the most important lesson I have ever learned.” ― John McCain, Faith of My Fathers

My prayers go out to him and to his loved ones during this uncomfortable and trying time in their lives, knowing, with unfailing assurance, that the Creator is and will be present with them as they go through it.

I’m thankful for his life, for his family, and for all those who believe, serve, love, endure, fight, … and pursue what’s in their hearts, whatever that is, with an unwavering faith, even during times when many seem to be inclined to cynicism, disbelief, skepticism, pessimism and a plethora of negativity that can only be conquered by the strength and the power in and around those who know that in the end, love, hope, truth, justice, mercy, grace, freedom, dreams, the essence and the fires of Heaven, will win, penetrate and permeate the entire Earth.

Best wishes to a champion,

Gelson Rocha

First image: Supercarrier USS Harry S. Truman | Second image: John McCain with his squadron [ front right ] and T-2 Buckeye trainer, 1965