Multidimentional Warfare | Rev11:19; 19:11
20 Sivan 5783; June 9, 2023

The one who was cast out of Heaven, …

“And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan [ Beelzebub ], THE DECEIVER OF THE WHOLE WORLD—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” Rev12:9

The blood of the Lamb who was slain can purify the inner vessels, temples, souls of Isaachians who turn wholeheartedly to the △ Eternal King, YH[S]WH, from all guilt, shame, uncleanness, … freeing them from all accusations by the prince of darkness [ + ◉ – ]▼, enabling them to be refilled with Light, YHWH, causing them to walk in the Statutes of YHWH, “Sabbath” [ not referring to mere Judaism sects ], unlike the self-deceived by Baal, Mithras’ Sunday religious cults who misuse the Sacred Texts and continue to do the works of darkness. All those still deceived by the serpent, blind, in denial, unclean, will be judged.

“YHSWH said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no guilt; but now that you say, ‘We see,’ your guilt remains.” Jhn9:41; Mtt7:23ESV

In an upside down world deceived by the kingdom of darkness, “group think” from lower centers of patterns, e.g. “Sunday” Christian cults, are also against the Sons of Light, Sons of YHWH. Jhn15:18,25

Filled with darkness, they don’t recognize the Sons of Light, like when blind Jerusalem couldn’t perceive her “Time of Visitation,” Lk19:44, and they also persecute those from the Kingdom of Light, for the Truthful Sons of Light are threats to their LIES, activities under the ▼ realms of darkness.

We need a place on the Mountains of Israel, set-apart from [ + ◉ – ]▼, directly under the △ Overarching Rule of Heaven, YHWH, to begin the process of reassembling Isaachians as One Kingdom; conscious Warfare to continue, complete the dissolution, defeat, removal of the beasts from Isaachian Nations first.

Isaachians always had the contingent option not to abandon the True Kingdom Path for adaptation to the patterns of beasts. We have to reverse the error, free Isaachians, reassemble the Kingdom, in order to restore Creative Order, fight the battles united with the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sidenote: As I’ve demonstrated with data proving the patterns to the blind, the U.S. Gov, for example, is an upside down Kingdom-of-Heaven-less 20/[80] [ + ◉ – ]▼ pyramid, the bipolar feet of the beast level; like all else in Secred Texts, the deception, the influence of the kingdom of darkness, … “the multidimentional warfare is real.”