August 28, 2019

Quick morning thoughts on Russia interference in the U.S. election and exclusion from G7 [ G8 ] and Brits protesting request to suspend Parliament in order to deliver what the people in a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy voted for.

Russian leaders haven’t learned to channel the warrior energy in a way that is more constructive to the Russian people, [ what the bipolar American leadership system is also still learning the hard way as well, ] channelling it to protect and to build a Center that is creatively ordered and working with allies to advance a Legitimate Vision of a world where there’s true justice and peace [ nations serious about true peace are serious about true warriorhood, which is impossible without Higher Power, Main Axis, Will of Heaven, EKIKPK-KWML, ] so Russia, somewhat as an immature and evolving nation, interferes in the U.S. elections, among other activities around the world, and with all due respect for his years of public service, Mr. Brennan, former CIA director, goes on to the media to criticize president Donald Trump for dealing with Russia incompetently after election, but who’s responsibility was it to intelligently stop Russia from interfering in the U.S. elections before D.T. was ellected? America/world, learned that Mr. Trump had a great opportunity, but as president who’s also not perfect and hasn’t attained the highest level of development either, IQ/EQ/SQ, ∆, Matt5:48, … [ I like Trump and his “willingness to fight for the good of the American people,” despite his lack of experience as a political leader, ] instead of building, cultivating an excellent and very wise and influential leadership team, he, sometimes attacking government agencies, etc., instead of leading them, alienated many of his associates, … highest turnover of cabinet members and one of the highest of “A Team” members, … because of not knowing how to regulate/channel warrior energy, nor modulating to evolved and more mature King Energy after fight to win election, ending up being almosy like the Japanese story [ who’s society has honored the warrior for centuries, ] that tells of a pond that lost its King, uncertain about what to do, the pond’s inhabitants finally elected a heron [ who’s associated with the warrior ] to be the King and, in the story, the heron eats up everyone in the pond. The American two-party system is still learning that the warrior energy, bipolarly turned against itself, without King Energy, is auto-destructive. Back to Russia, and the last G7 [ G8 ] exclusion, … keeping a somewhat immature and evolving “child nation” in the family is a positive characteristic of the King Energy [ inclusiveness, nurturing, guiding, “tough love” and discipline, infusing identity, … a sign of a maturing international leadership community, … ] and of strategic mature Warrior Archetype, building alliances, with clear long-term vision in mind/heart, … Let’s not forget that when U.S. and Russia, with the help of many other allies, fought WWII together, the evolving “Judeo-Christian” Russian branch of the “international family” paid the harshest price, an estimated 26 million Soviet deaths — allies should be reverently and deeply grateful for immense sacrifice on behalf of a true cause, the freedom of other still evolving “family members.” Germany, former WWII foe and now a friend, an also evolving Judeo-Christian nation, is now part of the G7, G20, … | “I do not think Putin is a character like Hitler. He comes out of Dostoyevsky.” Kissinger on Russia

Have the people in Britain lost the ability to reason or to make use of common sense, saying that what Boris Johnson is asking the Queen to do, in order to get some BS out of the way so that the government can attempt to deliver what the people voted for [ Brexit | June 23, 2016 | … and ineffective Theresa, who voted against the will of the majority of Britain, and Parliament, wasn’t able to get an exit deal done in more than 2 years, ] through the democratic election process, is anti-democratic? Wasn’t Boris Johnson also elected through the democratic process, promising to deliver Brexit? Now many are saying that doing “what’s necessary” in order to accomplish what the majority of the people voted for is anti-democratic? Not too different from what happens in America, when people voted for Donald Trump to MAGA, hoping an outsider would get things done “for” the American people [ what previous leadership has been failing to do, ] but the bipolar system chocked the progress of many of his well intentioned promised initiatives, but not all. Trump/America is learning that the Presidential position only, within the current system, which continues spliting and dividing the nation, isn’t influential enough to “get things done, timely and efficiently,” unless a wise leader and associates who are wholeheartedly dedicated to the best for the realm, with the help of Higher Power, can systematically and strategically “beat the faults of the system,” not be beaten by it, to best serve the people, before the nation can hopefully evolve into a more perfect system of government.

Get Russia back into the G7 [ G8. ] United Kingdom, Brexit, and move forward. Other E.U. nations need to respect and support the UK’s move toward a free and interdependent relationship with the E.U.

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