When loyalties are divided between the Eternal Kingdom [ EK ] and the world [ IK, PK, disconnected from EK, ] they are unstable in everything they do. “All my desires are splitting my head to pieces.” Commodus, Gladiator, 2000 | A man/nation who did not develop the True Axis [ connection to the Eternal Kingdom. ]

Becoming free from the tyranny of external influences, as well as free from the inner shadows and false sense of self [ identity ] are major steps in the process, but with freedom comes the responsibility to develop the true version of the Kingdom Self and to replicate it onto the external world.

Will she also choose, freely, to accept the process of disconnecting her will and identity from the patterns [ false sense of self, non-consciously structured ego ] and to connect it to the Source, True Self, Eternal Kingdom, as well as to build the containers according to the patterns of the Order of Heaven, and to fill them with the ‘fire’?